Report Media School starts next training program

Report Media School starts next training program A new training program has been launched at the Report Media School of the Report News Agency (IA). 
June 9, 2021 11:55
Report Media School starts next training program

Report News Agency (IA) has launched a new training program at the Report Media School.

Applicants will prepare news, interviews, reports, and research articles and learn the secrets of the journalism profession at the Agency. Emphasis will be placed on multimedia journalism during the training.

Ismayil Rafigoglu, the coordinator of the Report Media School, said at a meeting with young journalists that the processes taking place in the global information environment do not bypass Azerbaijan:

"Traditional media already have to come up with a more creative way of thinking to protect their readership. Many reputable media outlets have more social media managers, graphic designers, photographers, camera operators, and translators than journalists. Delivering the information to the user in a more attractive way has become the number one issue. Report Media School will also focus on these issues."

Report Media School has been operating since 2018. The purpose of the media school is to train professionals in the field of media in Azerbaijan, to convey modern trends used by the world media to young journalists, to reveal the potential of those who are interested in journalism and want to work in this field, to increase practical knowledge and skills. So far, dozens of young people have graduated from the Report Media School. These young people work in various media outlets in the country.

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