Gurban Gurbanov: All eyes on Azerbaijan's national team

Gurban Gurbanov: All eyes on Azerbaijan's national team 'As an Azerbaijani I will do my best to do more for our football'
November 3, 2017 12:16
Gurban Gurbanov: All eyes on Azerbaijan's national team
Report/ Firi Salim

Baku. 3 November.REPORT.AZ/ “I thank Rovnag Abdullayev, AFFA Executive Committee members. Everyone dream to play in the national team and coach’s main target is to lead the national team. Everyone and fans focused on national team. I also attended the games as a fan and heard their views and thoughts. Fans want to see better results. Of course, it is a great responsibility for me. We will try to achieve more successful results along with national association and football fans. It is not a work of one month, or a year. We will have more clubs. Long term program will be adopted. We should go forward slowly and step by step to make national team more professional and achieve more success. As an Azerbaijani, I will do my best to cope with this job and do more for our football. Our work and duties increase. We will try to carry out our duties along with leadership. I thank you and the fans. I have read some of the news. You showed trust and love to me. I think from now on all media workers, fans, football functionaries will be united, form better and active team and play successful games.”

Report informs, Azerbaijan national team's new head coach Gurban Gurbanov told reporters commenting his appointment.

45-year-old coach said it is too early to speak who will be his assistants: “I can’t answer this question now. Everything will be done in stages. Decision will be made within one month or month and a half.”

Gurbanov said the main target is to qualify for UEFA Europe 2020: “We must play in the Nations League. This is an additional advantage for us. Everything in football is done in stages. If we have such chance, we must use it. Atletico is stronger than Qarabag. But we played in a draw with them and we lose point in the championship.”

New head coach did not want to speak about conditions of the contract: “We don’t place conditions for each other. There is no need for that. We will go this road trusting each other.”

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