Gurban Gurbanov

Football Coach



On December 8, 2018, he resigned from the post of the head coach of the Azerbaijan national team.


On November 3, 2017, Gurban Gurbanov was appointed the head coach of the Azerbaijan national football team.


in the UEFA Champions League in 2014-2015 Karabakh was defeated by Austrian Salzburg FC in the third qualifying round and had to continue to compete in the playoff. This time, the opponent of Karabakh was Twente, which in 2009 defeated Karabakh. Their match ended with 0-0 draw at home and then with 1-1 away draw, so they gained a chance to play in Europe League. The match of Karabakh with "Twente" was 2 hundred fiftieth game led by Gurbanov. Currently, he is a head coach of Karabakh FC has won the most games and most of the head coach.


Gurban Gurbanov and Karabakh won the title of champion in 2013-2014 season for the first time.


Under his leadership, the Aghdam FC defeated Inter (Baku) FC in the finale match and won the Cup for the third time in 2009. Thus, Gurban Gurbanov was the first person who won the Cup as a player and then as a coach. In 2009-2010 season, Karabakh reached the play-off in UEFA Champions League.


He signed a one-year contract with Garabakh Aghdam FC in 2008. He succeeded the previous head coach Rasim Kara. At the end of 2008, before the expiration of the contract the leadership of FC decided to sign a new contract for 3 years.


He worked as a sporting director of Inter. He was the head coach and athletic director of Neftchi in 2006-2008.


He left Netchi FC in 2005 and joint Inter. Gurban Gurbanov retired in 2005 at the age of 33.


He scored 10 goals in 23 games with Neftchi in 2004-2005 season.


He started to play for another Russian club Volgar (Astrakhan) in 2003. He appeared with it in 21 games. In 2003 he returned to Neftchi.


He appeared with Fakel Voronezh FC in 28 games and scored 7 goals in 2002.


Gurbanov returned to Neftchi in 2001. He played for Neftchi in 14 games and scored 9 goals in 2001-2002.


He played for Russian Fakel (Voronezh) and Baltika (Kaliningrad) in 1999. He appeared in 12 games and scored 8 goals for Fakel. For Baltika he played 14 matches and scored 1 goal.


He started to play for Russian Dynamo (Stavropol). He appeared in 39 games and scored 17 goals in 1998.


He joint Neftchi FC in 1996. He scored 34 goals for Neftchi in 1996-1997 season and became the top-scorer of the championship. In 1996-1997 season he played 29 games. In general, Neftchi FC scored 43 goals in 43 games in 1996-1998.


He worked with Kur-Nur Mingecevir FC in 1995-1996. He played 12 games and scored 4 goals.


He joint Turan in 1993. He scored 9 goals in 29 games in 1993-1994 season. Gurban Gurbanov became a champion of Azerbaijan for the first time in the given season. It was the his first title in his football career. He scored 12 goals in 39 games with Turan in 1993-1995.


He returned to Dashgyn again in 1992 (up to 1993). Totally, he appeared in 39 games with this team and scored 24 goals. He played for national football team 67 games and scored 14 goals in 1992-2005. He was a top scorer of the national team.


He played for Alazani in 1991-1992, appeared in 17 games and scored 4 goals.


He started to play football in Dashgyn Zagatala FC. He played 54 games with Dashgyn and scored 24 goals in 1990-1991.


Gurban Gurbanov was born on April 13, 1972, in the Ashagy Tala village of Zagatala district.