Targets of Istanbul terror - COMMENT

Targets of Istanbul terror - COMMENT
Mentioning ISIS in the most terrorist acts committed in recent years became an ordinary case

Baku. 30 June. REPORT.AZ/ Terror act committed in Istanbul while Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said, the country's friends increased and enemies reduced, a protocol on normalization signed with Israel, important steps carried out towards restoration of relations with Russia.

According to the latest information, 42 people were killed and 238 injured during the bloody incident at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey. Increase in number of dead and injured is not excluded.

The incident occurred at an important period for Turkey and for the region where it locates. All eyes are on the IS. In other words, mentioning IS in most terrorist acts committed in recent years became an ordinary case. But relating the issue with them, contributes to the perpetrator.

Recently, totally 6 terror attacks committed in the country's capital city of Ankara and main city Istanbul. Terrorist attacks occurred in Ankara station on October 10, 2015 and 109 people killed. On January 12 this year, terror attack committed at Sultanahmet square, Istanbul, 11 persons killed other 15 injured. Also 29 persons killed as a result of terror act in Ankara State Block on February 17 this year. On March 13, 37 people killed, 125 injured during Ankara blast. As well as 5 persons killed, other 36 injured during Istanbul terror attack on March 19.

Acts of terrorism committed in different cities of the country. But we have reviewed this statistics to stress terrorist attacks beginning in Turkish capital and main city.

Who is responsible for terrorist attacks in Turkey? First of all, we should review enemies and those who don't love as well as want to break up this developing Turkish state, which has chosen democratic way as its first target.

Those who don't love Turkey use terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria - PKK and its wings PYD, YPG - the IS, al-Qaeda. Those who want to weaken this state support these groupings. Armenian terrorist group ASALA need to be added to the list.

By the way, a while ago, Turkish Security Council called to close representative offices of terrorist organizations opened in Europe. The document declared that such a step is incompatible with the friendship and alliance: 'Opening of terrorist PYD and YPG (terrorist PKK wings in Syria - Report) representative offices in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany and France gave an impetus to them to act against laws. This is contrary to the friendly and allied relations. Turkey is waiting for a review of the decision to open those missions'.

Restoration of relations between Russia and Turkey break plans of those who want to act freely in the South Caucasus. The group and regimes, which consider the Jewish state hostile don't appreciate normalization of relations between Israel and Turkey.

Therefore, those who don't love Turkey are interested to mention the IS.

Main targets of terrorists may be:

- Firstly, destabilize Turkey;

- Tourist flow is forecasted from Russia to Turkey after restoration of relations with this country.

Cause decrease in number of tourists and damage the country's economy by creating the image of unsafe and unstable country;

- Break up Turkey and create a situation as in Syria and Iraq;

- Reduce confidence in Turkey and so on.

Terrorist group PKK tries to seize territories and break up the country gradually by digging trenches in southeastern Turkey. As the grouping intentions failed, they increased number of terrorist attacks.

The IS also uses a similar tactic. It also commits terrorist acts to carry out its intentions and combine Turkey to the 'caliphate'.

Yesterday Turkish armed forces reported that have bombed positions of the IS and PKK groupings in Iraq and Syria. 37 PKK terrorists reported to be killed. Such information is often spread. It also can be considered as an indication of Turkish determination on fight against terrorism. However, there is also an issue, in this way, Turkish state doesn't only fight against terrorism, but also against foreign forces seeking to break up the country.

We would like to touch upon one more issue. Such events directed towards discrediting 'disobedient' Turkish government. Those who loves this country believe that if ruling party would not be current political organization - Justice and Development Party - so much terror acts have not been committed. Haven't terror attacks been committed in the country when 'obedients' governed or have not they wanted to break up the country? Therefore, the main target is not any ruling political organization. 

The main target is to destroy Turkey. Other issues are pretexts.

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