“Report”: Happenings around Syria will affect world economy

“Report”: Happenings around Syria will affect world economy Investors will be in waiting mode
April 16, 2018 11:05
“Report”: Happenings around Syria will affect world economy

Baku. 16 April. REPORT.AZ/ The latest attack on Syria by the Western coalition, which includes US, Britain and France, does not promise anything good for the world economy, as well as investors.

Analytic group of Report believes, businessmen who decided to sell shares after the news about the air attack were late.

Because in this matter investment companies are more agile than individual investors, instantly realizing the shares, cost of which can be affected negatively by the aforementioned attack. Finally, such companies do not have any losses in such situation.

Happenings in Syria can be considered as an opportunity to buy shares at a cheaper price. The trend of the last 100 years shows that six months is enough for the stabilization of the stock market and for stock prices to reach pre-crisis level.

While, it does not mean that all investors see Syrian crisis as opportunity. Probably, most of them will be in waiting mode and not invest money to any financial instrument before first signals of stability come. 

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