Azerbaijan's 5-point proposal - 5 steps towards peace in region

Azerbaijan's 5-point proposal - 5 steps towards peace in region Overall, tranquility and security in the Caucasus region depend on peace, stability, and cooperation in the South Caucasus. Resolving conflicts in the South Caucasus will make the area stronger. It can thus become part of the global security chain. 
March 14, 2022 16:25
Azerbaijan's 5-point proposal - 5 steps towards peace in region

Tranquillity and security in the entire Caucasus region depend on peace, stability, and cooperation in the South Caucasus. Resolving conflicts in the South Caucasus will make the region stronger. Thus, it can become a part of the global security chain.

One of the important conditions is that Armenia ceases its violent activities and behaves under the principles of peaceful coexistence with the region's countries. Official Yerevan, which signed the act of capitulation on November 10, 2020, does not comply with the document's provisions and threatens stability in the region with this behaviour. It seems that the sponsors of official Yerevan have again made some false promises. The 44-day war explained the reality to a generation that had grown up with lies and fantasies. Armenia is still unable to draw conclusions from the current situation in the world and the former Soviet Union. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan bustles between Paris and Moscow. He clings to Russia's apron strings, making promises to the West.

The Azerbaijani side has proposed five basic principles to rescue Armenia from chaos and uncertainty. Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov said in a statement on Baku's proposals to the other side: "The main philosophy of the five principles is that after the end of the 44-day war, i.e., the end of 30 years of occupation and the restoration of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity, President Ilham Aliyev said that the Azerbaijani state was ready to close this page. In this case, Azerbaijan declared its readiness to work with Armenia on a peace agreement. This message was given to Armenia about a year ago. This proposal has been raised several times a year." Over the past year, Armenia has not responded to Azerbaijan's proposals. According to the minister, it can be assumed that official Baku has sent suggestions to Yerevan to sign a peace agreement and the document contains possible proposals for the demarcation and delimitation of borders between the two countries, the opening of the Zangazur corridor, cooperation in the 3 + 3 format. Because after November 10, Azerbaijan brings proposals in this direction to the attention of states and organizations wishing to act as international mediators.

Those who make baseless allegations against Azerbaijan and have been unable or unwilling to help resolve the conflict for 30 years are still stroking Armenia. This sleeking allows official Yerevan not to respond to the proposals. Armenia's positive response to Azerbaijan's peace-loving and cooperation proposals will give impetus to the development of bilateral relations and peace, tranquillity, and prosperity in the South Caucasus.

The Azerbaijani side expresses its good intentions to Armenia and the international community with this step. At the same time, official Baku again demonstrates its respect for international law. The proposals can be considered essential steps taken to normalize interstate links. Official Yerevan's positive attitude to the five basic principles and peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia will support confidence in the region. This issue will also help eliminate the risk factor in the South Caucasus.

Thus, Azerbaijan's proposal containing five basic principles to Armenia can be assessed as five steps towards security, cooperation, and peace in the region. The delay of official Yerevan's response to this document is primarily to the detriment of Armenia. After signing the act of capitulation, it did not attempt to cooperate in the region. The stagnation in this direction, its struggle between Moscow and Paris, will drag Yerevan into crisis. Such a situation allows the political initiative in the country to fall into the hands of other forces. In this regard, the Armenian government can prevent the unpleasant event by responding quickly to the five-point proposal. Therefore, "5 proposals - 5 steps" will be the driving force of Nikol Pashinyan's passive "step".

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