Pompeo: US working to change power in Venezuela

Pompeo: US working to change power in Venezuela Report informs citing the RIA Novosti.
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January 21, 2020 10:18
Pompeo: US working to change power in Venezuela

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the United States will start doing more to support Venezuela's opposition leader and self-proclaimed president, Juan Guaido, Report says, citing RIA Novosti.

"The project we are working on should lead to (President Ed.) Maduro quitting, and the people of Venezuela able to hold free and fair elections. We work with countries in South America, Central America and Europe, countries all over the world to achieve this result," M.Pompeo said. He added that he considers the strategy the US is pursuing in Venezuela to be effective and that it does not need to be changed.

According to him, Maduro is still in power, creating "one of the largest humanitarian crises in world history."

Earlier, Maduro said he was ready for a direct dialogue with the United States, but would prefer to speak directly with President Donald Trump, as he believes that Pompeo failed in Venezuela and is responsible for Trump in his policy regarding Venezuela.

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