Interesting details of AZAL "Business suite" service revealed - PHOTOS

Interesting details of AZAL "Business suite" service revealed - PHOTOS
Economist expert analyzed the prices and services of the new class of service

Baku. 22 July. REPORT.AZ/ "Azerbaijan Airlines" (AZAL) CJSC introduced a new class of high-end passenger service "Business suite" from July 10. This class is considered to be a higher category than "economy class", "business class" and while that will be introduced in three areas - the Baku-New York-Baku, Baku-London-Baku, Baku-Beijing-Baku.

Report analyzed the costs and benefits of the new service class. Thus, the cost of "business class" tickets for the flight that will operate from 3 to 10 August in the direction of Baku-New York-Baku is 2801 manats, "Business Suite" class - 4362 manats. Cost of "business class" tickets on August 4-11 flight route Baku-London-Baku is 1284 manats, class "Business Suite" - 3316 manats. At the same time the price of "business class" tickets for flights from 4 to 11 August on the route Baku-Beijing-Baku is 1 196 AZN, a "business suite" class - 2364 manats.

According to AZAL, the "business suites" class suggests a higher standard of services on board aircraft, which is due to the use of modern technologies and achievements in the field of aviation service. Passengers who choose the new class of service that will have additional benefits to the traditional services of "business class": an extended menu of hot meals, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages; special travel kits, pajamas when flying over long distances; gifts for children and others.

Thus, passengers of class "Business Suite" for pajamas, gifts for children, an expanded menu of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages will have to pay 1561 manats for flights on the route Baku-New York-Baku, 2032 manat - for Baku -London- Baku flights, 1168 manats for flights on the route Baku-Beijing-Baku.

Economist expert Samir Aliyev specifically for Report commented on the difference in price between the two business classes, including the difference between the "economy" and "business" classes, and innovation associated with additional services:"AZAL has certain advantages, among which it is worth noting the high professionalism of the pilots.This manifests itself in a comfortable landing and takeoff.Along with this, the food on board of the AZAL aircraft has a number of advantages, it is delicious and offers a wide range, but AZAL service is not up to standard.There is also a big problem with dress code. We can say that there is no connection between AZAL logo and clothing.If we turn our attention to other airlines, for example, Türk Hava Yolları or Qatar Airways, you will notice a correlation, but colors and logo in uniforms of stewardess in AZAL are different - one blue and the other orange."

According to the economist-expert, "economy class" is associated with the social standards of the population while the majority of the population has no relation to the "business class", that is, this class ticket purchased only by those who are able:Of course, long flights tedious, and the main goal is to create a comfort to clients in order to keep customers happy.This is normal, because it is necessary to provide service in highest level, but wrong to raise the quality and level of service due to high prices."

According to Samir Aliyev "business" and "economy" classes have always been different in terms of the level of service, while at the same time, an additional division within the "business class" will lead to further segregation of duties among the staff of the aircraft:"Here, the focus can be directed to the class of" Business Suite "and" business class "and last of all" economy class ".Reduced attention to the "economy class" can cause anxiety. Another reason for entering class of service "business suites" may be compensating for lower prices for "economy class" tickets, that is they are trying to compensate the losses due to the high prices."

Samir Aliyev said that there are no unusual nuances of the situation can normally be treated and the main issue is appropriate levels of service prices:"If we consider that there is a question of the difference in price in 2-3 times more, the airline should try to protect its reputation.If we talked about the changes in the "economy class" we could express opinion to this, however, in "business class" can be implemented even service that passengers will fly in the cockpit. Most importantly, prices in serving a large part of the population "economy class" were low. "

Spokesman for AZAL Pasha Kesemenski clarified the matter, saying that there can be no question of the distribution of employees in the flight where you will apply a new class of service, number of seats and the number of employees will remain unchanged, but a new class of service will be highlighted in a special places that will serve "business class" staff.This staff will serve both categories of "business class ", there will be no changes in the "economy class".

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