Azersu’s net loss falls by 6%

​Azersu’s net loss falls by 6%
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As of January 1, 2019, Azersu OJSC’s assets stood at AZN 918.625 million, up 32.3% in comparison to a year earlier.

Report informs that total liabilities dropped by 7.4% to AZN 699.766 million, deficit of AZN 61.36 million in the total capital was replaced by AZN 218.849 million-capital.

Revenues from potable water and sewerage system increased by 6.6% to AZN 176.715 million, base price of the sales grew by 8.4% to AZN 92.937 million, administrative costs fell by 26.4% to AZN 22.989 million, revenues from difference in exchange rates amounted to AZN 5.007 million, other revenues slipped 68.6% to AZN 26.3 million, financial expenditures slid 37.05% to AZN 2.25 million. Consequently, the pre-tax loss made up AZN 479.132 million, down 5.6% by contrast to a year earlier.

In 2018, the OJSC paid AZN 1.069 million in profit tax, up 6.6-fold in comparison to a year earlier and ended the year on AZN 480.201 million in loss, which is 5.5% less than 2017. 

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