UEFA delegate in Azerbaijan: There are certain players that raise doubts - INTERVIEW

UEFA delegate in Azerbaijan: There are certain players that raise doubts - INTERVIEW "It's easier to identify facts about players"
March 19, 2018 15:34
UEFA delegate in Azerbaijan: There are certain players that raise doubts - INTERVIEW

Baku. 19 March. REPORT.AZ/ Report News Agency presents an interview with Kamran Jabrayilov, UEFA delegate on match-fixing in Azerbaijan:

- An email address has been created regarding fixed matches at the AFFA Reporting Conference on March 7. Have you received an email letter over the past period?

- No information has yet been received by [email protected]. But we are interested in sharing people's information with us. Any information received will be investigated by us. AFFA is a public body. Fixed matches damage our overall work. We must fight against such cases together. We have opened this e-mail because we pay close attention to the public opinion. Anyone can send any information about fixed games. Anonymity of these persons will be ensured. It would be good if the doubts in the letter were reasonable. For example, by adding some video.

- In what form does AFFA conduct the internal investigation and what does Association do when the outcome of any match raise doubts?

- Certainly, we are investigating when there is suspicious tendency.

- The defeat of I Divison leader Qaradag Lokbatan FC in the last four matches has caused doubts. What can you say about it?

- At present there is no special case regarding Qaradag Lokbatan FC. I do not know what they refer to in the press. Research is conducted in general. There is no special investigation regarding Qaradag Lokbatan.

- Did UEFA has informed about Azerbaijan Premier League 6th round matches after the winter break?

- No, the main concern is related to I Division. There is no serious issue on the Premier League agenda.

- When will official decisions be made regarding the investigations?

- If you look at international practice, such decisions can be made 5-6 years after the game. That is, everything depends on the completion of the investigation, the collection of evidence.

- Is there a list of suspected players?

- Let's not say a list, in general, there are certain players of teams under control that raise doubts.

- There are referees among the participants of fixed games. Former referee Anar Niyazov was punished for this reason. Do you have dubious referees in terms of management?

- No, there is no such case yet. We are in close contact with the Referee Committee. The UEFA recommends to choose referees right before the match.

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