Bahlul Mustafazade: It does not justifies us that our group is so difficult - INTERVIEW

Bahlul Mustafazade: It does not justifies us that our group is so difficult - INTERVIEW Report's interview with footballer of Azerbaijani national team and Sabah club Bahlul Mustafazade
November 14, 2019 14:13
Bahlul Mustafazade: It does not justifies us that our group is so difficult - INTERVIEW

Report's interview with footballer of Azerbaijani national team and Sabah club Bahlul Mustafazade

- You will face Wales and Slovakia in the last two qualifying matches of Euro 2020. What are your expectations from these matches?

- Both of our opponents have a chance to qualify for the next stage. We know that matches with Wales and Slovakia will be very difficult for us. The rivals will try to win. However, we will do our best to score and please our fans. At least to get points from such clubs will be the motivation for our players.

-  Let's speak real: how many points in maximum can be scored in the next two games?

- To be honest, if we can beat Wales at home, it will be a great motivation for us. The victory is also good for setting up the second match. But the reality is that both teams want to qualify for the next stage. And we will try to impede them in this way. I hope that we can score points in both matches.

- Defender of Wales national team Ben Davis said that Azerbaijani national team would be concerned about Bale's participation. Did you feel such anxiety in a match in Cardiff?

- If we talk about a player like Bale, no further comment is needed. He is a football player that can be a cause for concern for us. He also scored the second goal in the previous match. When it comes to Bale, there's no need to talk too much. He is a player who can always create any threat.

- Aaron Ramsey did not play in this qualifying round and could play his first match against Azerbaijan. Do you have any strategy to disrupt his game?

- We have already started to discuss such things. Head coach Nikola Jurčević started to instruct us. He will tell us exactly how to play on the match day. We will also try to follow his tactics.

- Though there is a sufficient number of well-known players in the Wales squad, they have problem in terms of playing practice. Can we consider such a factor to be a positive case for the Azerbaijani national team?

- I don't think so. The players we mentioned are players known throughout the world. Even if they are suffering from the practical game, they can demonstrate their quality on the pitch. They are capable of doing anything at any moment.

- Azərbaycan yığması bu seçmə mərhələni qələbəsiz başa vura bilər...

- Biz də istəyirik ki, çoxlu xal qazanaq. Bunun üçün artıq iki oyunumuz qalıb. Çalışacağıq ki, müsbət nəsə edə bilək. Amma qəbul etmək lazımdır ki, qrupumuz çox çətindir. Bizdən başqa bütün komandalar qrupdan çıxmaq üçün mübarizə aparır. Hər birinin şansı qalıb. Belə bir qrupda xallar qazanmaq da çətindir. Amma bu, bizə haqq qazandırmır. İki oyunumuz qalıb. Çalışacağıq ki, əlimizdən gəldiyi qədər maksimum xallar qazanaq.

- Azerbaijan national team can finish this qualifying round without a victory...

- We also want to score points in these matches. Two matches are left. We will try to achieve a positive result. But we must admit that our group is very difficult. All the teams except us compete to qualify for the next stage. Every team has a chance. It is also difficult to get points in such a group. But that doesn't justify us. We have two games left. We will try to earn as many points as we can.

- Your name has recently been mentioned by British clubs. Do you follow the press?

- I follow the press. Such news always exists. I have not received an official offer. I don't even want to talk about it. If I have something official, I will speak about it. Such news does not reflect the reality. They just write and I can't prevent it. Wherever I transfer, I can easily inform about it. But it's not right to say anything right now.

- If you receive such an offer, would you like to play in the Championship, which is the second highest division in England?

- Of course, I agree. I really want to play abroad. If I receive such an offer, I will try to use this chance.

- Earlier it was reported that Scottish Celtic and Rangers clubs are interested in you. As known you are  a spotlight on British clubs. From this standpoint, is it important to play well against Wales to show your performance?

- I will not do anything special. If you play an official match with a national team, it doesn't matter who you play against. Everybody must play for the country. If I play, I will also fight for it and I do my best.

- It seems as if you are not able to demonstrate the same performance in Sabah club. What is the reason?

- I also think about it. However, head coach of Sabah also observes that I try to do my best. If so, I don't really know the reason. Maybe it seems to people. I am trying to benefit my team and I do my best.

- Qarabag’s fans want to see you in their clubs. Would you like to play in that team? How do you think can you manage?

- It is not right for me to talk about it. Because I don't want to speak about another club. Sorry, I have no answer to this question.

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