Serzh Sargsyan's misconduct in Geneva - Armenia not a de facto state - COMMENT

Serzh Sargsyan's misconduct in Geneva - Armenia not a de facto state - COMMENT
Russia turns Armenia into a munitions depot

Baku. 17 October. REPORT.AZ/ Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan have yesterday held in Geneva the next meeting on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement.

After the talks, the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs issued a statement saying that the meeting was held in a constructive atmosphere: "The Presidents agreed to take measures to intensify the negotiation process and to take additional steps to reduce tensions on the Line of Contact". The co-chairs expressed their satisfaction with these direct talks, which took place after a long interval. They remain ready to work with the sides on mediating a peacefully negotiated settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. As a next step, the co-chairs will organize business meeting with the Foreign Ministers in the near future”.

After leaving the meeting, S. Sargsyan went to Armenian embassy in Switzerland and met with the representatives of the Armenian diaspora there. The opinions, made by him there are in full contradiction with those mentioned in the statement of the co-chairs and it seems that S. Sargsyan is used to hold one stand in the meeting and another outside.

He said that the conflict can be resolved after granting a status to Nagorno-Karabakh separate from Azerbaijan: "We have no specific agreements on the options of settlement of the issue. A few minutes ago the meeting with the Azerbaijani President ended. However, we have agreed to take measures to alleviate tension not to have victims. He also understands very well how complicated the issue is but the problem is such that there is not going to be an easy solution. Of course, Ilham Aliyev also understands, me too, how complicated the issue is but the problem is such that there is not going to be an easy solution. However, there is a thing I wish you all to be confident of – a solution that can somehow harm the security of Karabakh does not exist for us. The only solution to us is Karabakh separate from Azerbaijan. Never can any Armenian leader can accept and implement other solution whatsoever, and for that purpose we will do everything at the same time developing Armenia and strengthening the country economically".

Novruz Mammadov

Novruz Mammadov, Assistant to the Azerbaijani President of Azerbaijan on Foreign Policy- Department Head said that S. Sargsyan is in his character again: "As usual, he feels privileged to violate the agreement that was reached during the talks. The deal was that no statements were to be made other than on agreed points, Yet he did just the contrary. Again, he made a promised and then failed to honor it. He should have at least been embarrassed, given the presence of the co-chairs and the OSCE representative. Apparently, he does not want to give up his habit of derailing the talks.

Nevertheless, he is aware and must not forget that the Nagorno-Karabakh is Azerbaijan's inalienable part and will remain so. Sargsyan's plan will be realized neither in his lifetime, nor during the ones of his successors. His dream will never become a reality, no matter how hard he "wags his tail" to his patrons. Seemingly, the aims to keep the people in Armenia in the state of constant agitation and suffering. Well, let him keep on trying". 

Undoubtedly, there are forces backing S. Sargsyan that make him speak so boldly. He knows the function of the state he leads. He is using his country as a tool to threaten along with Azerbaijan Georgia, Turkey, Iran and other countries in the Middle East. The main reason why Nagorno-Karabakh is still under occupation is a function of Armenia for Russia.

The problem is that world Armenians as well as the public still not consider Armenia as a state. It is true that de jure it is a subject of international law, but de facto it is a region controlled by Russia.

Let's look at the new facts confirming that Armenia is not a state in the sense we declare:

Russia will allocate loan in the amount of $ 100 mln to Armenia for 20 years for the purchase of military equipment.

These funds will be spent during 2018-2022.

Serzh Sargsyan and Vladimir Putin

Notably, in June 2015, $ 200 million loan agreement was signed between Russia and Armenia. That loan was spent on purchasing weapons from Russia. Until the end of this year, the supply of these weapons to Armenia will be completed.

Vladimir Yeseyev, deputy director of the CIS Institute for CIS Affairs, believes that Russia-Armenia joint military units will be created this year. According to him, the military balance between Armenia and Azerbaijan was canceled last year. In their opinion, Armenia is strengthening its military potential by taking offensive weapons from Russia.

He said that recently radiolocation system was supplied to Armenia, and "Iskander" in 2016.

Armenia will raise its military budget up to $ 518 million in 2018. It is 17% more than the budget of 2017.

Russia gives $ 100 million loan in advance.

In addition, on October 4, new regulations of Group of Russian and Armenian Armed Forces have been adopted. According to the Regulations, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Armenia may change officials in army with the consent of the Russian Supreme Commander. In a peaceful environment, the commanders of the Armenian army will follow the country's supreme commander. In the conditions of war and aggression, the headquarters of the two countries will make a decision under the leadership of the Russian Southern Military District.

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree to sign an agreement on the establishment of a joint military unit with Armenia.

Russian Presidential Adviser Sergei Glazyev saying that Azerbaijan's joining the Eurasian Economic Union was "dependent on Armenia" has once again confirmed destination that uses that country.

Vladimir Putin

Chief of Joint Staff of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Anatoly Sidorov said that, if necessary, the organization will assist Armenia.

Based on these reports, it is possible to reach some conclusions. The Armenian army is completely under Russian control. Russia protects the country's state borders. The supreme commander of this country does not have the right to change personnel from senior Russian officers without permission from Russia.

The Kremlin supplies Armenia with weapons. In fact, this country is a military base of Moscow as a whole. Russia also sees funds for other expenditures in this country. Last year, the Kremlin donated $ 37.3 million to official Yerevan.

Armenia is used as an irritation to force Azerbaijan to join some of the projects in the former Soviet Union. One of them is the Eurasian Economic Union and the other is CSTO. It is supposed that the accession of Azerbaijan to these projects is because of dependence from Yerevan.

Official Baku is right believing that being in the same organizations with aggressor is meaningless and illogical.

We would like to finish the article with a reply to a question without lengthening the text. Isn’t Armenia is de facto state?

Armenia is a pressure element in Russia's hand against its neighbors and allies in the region such as Turkey and Iran.

In last years, its appointment becomes even more clear. Moscow makes barbed wire from Armenia.

Otherwise, would normal state be the executor of orders from other countries by staring at the neighbors' lands and playing a key role in keeping him occupied. Of course not. De-jure and de facto states don't do that. Armenia was created for these purposes.

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