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    First debate in US: Wealth not helps billionaire in verbal duel - COMMENT

    As is evident from the debates and relations, Clinton has greatest chance of victory

    Baku. 29 September. REPORT.AZ/ The name of the new US president will be known on November 8. Notably, US President Barack Obama will not participate in the elections.

    It is expected that the main battle will be between the candidate of the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee for the US president Donald Trump. This political campaign involves US Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and the nominee of theGreenParty Jill Stein.

    The first televised debate between the main candidates - Clinton and Trump took place on September 27.

    Vice presidential debate is scheduled for October 4. It will bring together Republican nominee Mike Pence and Democratic candidate Tim Kaine.

    Clinton and Trump will announce their programs on television. For 20 days before the elections, that is, on October 19 these candidates will hold debates again.

    As a rule, the last debates are crucial to the election results. From this point of view, on October 19 It could be approximately assumed who would be the next US president. During the first debate between the main candidates for the post of the President of United States a number of issues relevant to the US State interests raised.

    The candidates spoke on issues related to policy, implemented against Iran and North Korea, nuclear weapons, tax policy, female employment, the opening of new jobs, personal income, domestic and foreign policy and the work carried out in this area and so forth.

    According to a survey conducted by CNN after the debate, 62% of respondents said they would vote for Hillary Clinton, and 26% - for Donald Trump.

    41% of viewers who were in the audience during a debate on CNN, said that they were supporters of the Democratic Party, 26% - the Republicans, and the rest of the audience - none of the political organizations.

    41% of respondents of survey conducted by ABC News in conjunction with the Washington Post, said they would support Clinton, as many respondents chose Trump, the US candidate from Libertarian Party Gary Johnson was supported by 7%, and only 2% of respondents chose GreenParty candidate Jill Stein.

    On the other hand Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, 46% of respondents expressed a preference for both candidates.

    According to the results of other polls, former rival of Hillary Clinton, billionaire Donald Trump is ahead of her by 2%.

    Program of main candidates are the subject of discussions for a long time.

    Clinton said if elected in next 5 years will open up new jobs, invest 275 bln USD in infrastructure.

    Trump has promised to invest 500 bln USD in the development of the industry.He said that he will focus on benefits in the coal industry.

    Clinton stressed the importance of raising taxes for wealthy families.In addition, she stated that in case of victory, the citizens of the country with an annual income of 1 mln USD will have to pay 30% of their profits as a tax.Now the figure is 35%.She promised to reduce the taxes paid by companies from 35% to 15% in order to open new jobs.

    Clinton also promised to raise wages. Now 7.25 USD paid per hour.She promised to increase this amount to 12 USD.

    Former Secretary of State also stressed the importance of reforms in the sphere of migration.She promised to simplify the process of registration of documents for migrants and provide them with a job.

    As for Trump, he made demonstrated a sharp position about migration policy.He stressed the importance of suppressing the flow of migrants from Mexico and Muslim countries. One of the controversial issues between the candidates is also associated with the health sector.

    Clinton talked about success of the policy "Obamacare" (health insurance for all US citizens) used by current President Barack Obama, with whom they are in the same party.She promises to continue this policy.

    Trump also said that on the first day of the presidency he will require Congress to suspend this program. Clinton promises to increase allowance for childcare or sick family member, even though it will cost 300 bln USD.

    Trump's position on this issue is unknown.

    Clinton promised that she would try to ensure free tuition in secondary and higher public offices for members of families with annual incomes less than 125 000 dollars.

    Trump also promised to increase the amount of federal grant for low-income families up to 20 bln USD.

    The position of candidates on the issue of carrying firearms similar.

    Applicants believe terrorism and the IG are the main source of danger for the country and so forth.

    Thus, the election campaign, followed by the whole world moved to the main stage.

    Regardless of which candidate wins, this election will be remembered in the history of the United States with a number of innovations.

    In case of victory of Hillary Clinton, she will be remembered as the first woman president, the wife of the former president and so on.

    Trump may be the first president billionaire in US history involving racial discrimination and with threats against Muslims, as well as the head of the United States who wishes to get closer to Russia, and so forth.

    As is evident from the debates and relations in the elections Clinton has a better chance of winning.

    She looked more robust at the debate and as the wife of ex-president and former secretary of state knows the problems of the US and its citizens.

    Although with ridiculous speech about Muslims and migrants during the election propaganda Trump has made frequent mention of his name and it gives reason to suppose that this will affect the election results.

    Donald Trump also reminds with actions the presidential candidate in a work by Dan Brown "Deception Point".In contrast to the US National Center for Space Studies, he also acts as a supporter of the opening of the market for business space.From this point of view, it doesn't escape the attention that Trump doesn't not look like politics.This is indicated by the fact that he still has not made the declarations about his wealth in the amount of 5 bln USD and taxes.

    Therefore, the first debate can be interpreted as follows: - in the first duel of billionaire and politics wealth is not helping Trump.

    However, this is USA.Until now, everyone remembers how in 2000 election Democratic candidate, Albert Gore, winner of the Nobel Prize lost to his rival, Republican George W. Bush. George W. Bush was ahead of the opponent by 0.01% of the vote (537 votes).At that time the election results were questionably.

    It is hoped that in the struggle between Clinton and Trump there will not be such moments. After all, in all areas the US cited as an example in the world.

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