Experts: Trump may have a pragmatic effect on settlement of unresolved conflicts - OPINION

Experts: Trump may have a pragmatic effect on settlement of unresolved conflicts - OPINION
Trofimchuk: Trump will push interests of key countries, to pursuit his own interests

Baku. 23 January. REPORT.AZ/ Trump as a political businessman, will make a global policy, gradually drawing in this process Iran, Russia and China, the experts told Report, commenting on the US foreign policy agenda with a new US President Donald Trump at the White House.

"Trump several times has already quite clearly outlined his position towards Russia, with the most different reasons - including the foreign media's test on theme of meeting in Reykjavik "All of this suggests that the new administration is ready to negotiate with Moscow and with a fairly strong position, since that whatever is said about America during presidency of Obama, that it could reach a new level of monopolist global influence. Thats why it is easy for Trump administration to act now", Vice-President of the Center for Modeling of Strategic Development Gregory Trofimchuk told Report.

The expert also drew attention to the difference in response to arrival of Barack Obama and Donald Trump. "There is too much difference, because Obama had not yet perceived as the master of the world, so then was not such a rush, and I would even say, a "colonial" interest in the internal affairs of the United States", said the analyst.

Gregory Trofimchuk

According to G. Trofimchuk, Trump wants to push the interests of key countries, to pursuit his own interests, including purely financial, and not just political.

"He will make a global policy, and personally himself, including shows on transfer of his business that demonstrates to outsiders as widely. Tthis hole will gradually get involved Iran, Russia and China, if they miss time and will hope on "good Trump". Although it is hard to say the same about Tehran", said the expert.

According to him, Trump as a political businessman, will "negotiate for trade and do everything to trade all that goes by itself into his hands, and the most" marketable "commodity -hot spots, more already open wars."

"It is easy to get preferences on this material. Thats why the Middle East, and Karabakh, and everything else, sooner or later will go into field of his vision or vision of persons who stand behind him. This is a global trade policy", G. Trofimchuk stated.

Tofig Abbasov

In turn, Azerbaijani political scientist Tofig Abbasov said that the difficult start of the presidency of Donald Trump clearly indicates how much exacerbated internal political and internal social atmosphere in a country that considers itself a bulwark of world democracy.

"The mass protest marches in major cities, protests of frenzy globalists of America and other countries, which protest against the newly elected President of the United States show that some forces are trying to use dirty technologies for the new occupant of the White House and thereby obscure the general atmosphere", he said.

According to him, in such difficult conditions new White House team needs consistency in the implementation of the promised reforms.

"In the American economy, at least for the last two or three years, there have been positive trends, and problems still a lot to overcome consequences of the crisis, because Trump now needs to restart the mechanisms of economic stabilization, but not to leave global problems out of the sight", said the analyst.

The expert expressed the opinion that the Trump realizes that without dialogue with Moscow, Beijing and Brussels to overcome the gravity of the backlog of serious turmoil in world politics is hardly possible.

"In this regard, the attention of American experts and publicists focused more on the Middle East, Syria, as well as Nagorno-Karabakh problems He as a man of action, could have a pragmatic effect on moving the unlocked processes in some troubled areas", the analyst believes.

"While the new occupant of the White House is developing his working chambers and bears its first steps, we must have a patience.

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