Experts commented on main topics of discussions in fields of COP21 in Paris - COMMENT

Experts commented on main topics of discussions in fields of COP21 in Paris - COMMENT
Political leaders are forced to shift attention to environmental issues on the themes of burning the agenda

Baku. 30 November. REPORT.AZ/ Main topic of discussion in the fields of the 21th UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) will be the Syrian issue, the fight against "ISIS" and the Turkish-Russian relations, experts say.

"It is expected that to replace the Kyoto Protocol will be a new comprehensive document with which in the future it will be possible to curb global warming.

However, the fate of the Kyoto protocol shows how the country's leadership ignore the real threats facing the planet," political scientist of Azerbaijan Tofig Abbasov said to Report.

According to him, mutual claims so alarmed the system of international relations that there is chaos around the perimeter of the problems.

"It is not surprising that country's leaders say one thing, in fact, and do the opposite.Today, so many claims accumulated among countries to each other, that political leaders have to turn our attention from environmental issues to the hot topics on the agenda "- said the expert.

He noted that the main focus at the summit will be pointed at solving Syrian issue and on searching an algorithm to the settlement of Russian-Turkish relations, as well as a possible coalition to counter "ISIS".

The political scientist noted the importance of the statement to the international community the question regarding environmental harm by Armenia."It is not a secret that Armenia systematically destroys the flora and fauna of the South Caucasus region, burning vast territories in occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

Yerevan carries out two-pronged genocide against Azerbaijanis and their historical ranges," stated T.Abbasov.

According to him, the accumulated baggage of world problems is a sharp signal to world leaders, the heads of state and government that it's time to feel the responsibility for the fate of people and fate of the future.

"In the light of the accumulated crises, wars and call it is time to tune in to the serious business mode to find a common denominator to overcome risk situations.Otherwise, all the problems will be exacerbated and will certainly spill over into one global and an insurmountable barrier in the way of the future", he concluded.

In turn, the doctor of economic sciences, professor, director of the master's program "Diplomacy", St. Petersburg State University Stanislav Tkachenko said that the main question on today's agenda - the fight against "Islamic state", and "on the margins" of the summit discussion will be carried out mainly , about it.

"And of course the main intrigue - whether Putin would agree to meet with Erdogan to discuss the crisis over the death of Russian pilot in the Su-24", said Tkachenko.

He also expressed the view that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will actively offer to discuss Ukraine, but it is obvious that this topic is now gone by the wayside and does not cause active interest in Europe and in Washington.

"So the ISIS and the risk of economic war between Russia and Turkey will be the main topics," - said the expert.

Turkish political scientist, Professor of Economics and Technology University in Ankara Togrul Ismail said that, of course, during the conference primarily, environmental issues, including climate change, global warming will be discussed.

He stressed that the main topic of discussion between representatives of different countries of the world will be a problem of terror.

"As the conference is taking place in France, uniquely official Paris will raise the topic of terror in their country of combating IG, the problem of creating a coalition," - said T.Ismail, recalling the recent visit of French President Francois Hollande in the United States and Russia.

Speaking about the interests of the Turkish side, the professor pointed out that Ankara will be an important meeting of the presidents of Turkey and the United States."It is expected that this meeting will take place tomorrow. I think that the theme of the discussion will be the fight with ISIS, situation in Middle East, the fight against terrorism.In addition, recent facts on shoot down Russian aircraft", said the expert.

T. Ismail noted that, according to him, the question of normalization, exacerbated recently Turkish-Russian relations will be another issue on the agenda."For many years Turkey in its relations with Russia has achieved peace, understanding.All has changed dramatically for a week.Although it has been written that Moscow and Ankara have quite thin and fragile relations, based on economic relationships.Rebates have always proceeded from Turkey.Turkey started buying gas and oil, without fear and without looking back, trusting Russia.

There were no actual understanding and a common view on certain issues between Russia and Turkey, unfortunately, as well as now"- said T.Ismail.

Speaking about the Nagorno-Karabakh issue and the possible meeting of the presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia, the expert noted that this meeting is very necessary because the crisis continues. "As long as the geopolitical situation in South Caucasus will not change as long as Russia does not change its views and approaches to cooperation with the countries of the South Caucasus, there is no need to expect any positive changes in Karabakh problem is not necessary", - he said.

In turn, senior analyst at the Center for the study of the crisis of society, the expert Sergey BalmasovSenior Analyst of the Centre for Crisis Society Studies,Expert of theMiddle East Institute, pointed out that the meeting to discuss the climate is a good excuse for politicians to meet in a neutral environment and discuss the most exciting of topics.

"And for Russia which is in a very difficult situation when Turkey officially added to the number of its enemies, it serves as an additional channel for the exchange of views at the highest level in a relatively narrow range," - he said.

According to him, behind the scenes of event anyway will be discussed the escalation of the situation in Syria, including the "threat of escalating conflict from domestic-Syrian to over-Syria with involvement of foreign States and its development into a serious clash of old historic enemies."

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