Expert: Iran's foreign policy expected to tighten up - COMMENT

Expert: Iran's foreign policy expected to tighten up - COMMENT After today's attacks, Iran intensifies the fight against terrorist groups in the region
June 7, 2017 14:19
Expert: Iran's foreign policy expected to tighten up - COMMENT

Baku. 7 June. REPORT.AZ/ Today's attacks in the parliament and mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini are one of the biggest terrorist acts in Iran in recent years.

Report informs, political scientist Ilgar Velizade has stated.

"Definitely, this is a terrorist act. Before that, there were no such major terrorist acts in Iran. Terrorists set a goal - the destabilization of the political situation in Iran.

For the first time such an obvious outbreak of terrorism in Iran, and at sensitive points - the parliament and the mausoleum. The handwriting says a lot - today no political force in Iran will position itself alongside terrorists, "I. Velizadeh said.

According to him, after the incidents, critics of the incumbent government will make speeches. “Recently, there have been elections in Iran and of course, the losers, that is, the conservative forces, will criticize the current government. I think that what happened has a purely internal context, "the expert said.

Speaking about the current foreign policy situation around Iran, I. Velizade stressed that now there are complex processes. "First of all, this is the new foreign policy of the Middle East doctrine of the United States, where Iran is the main object of criticism. In turn, the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf are dissatisfied with the policy of Iran, which correlates with the new US doctrine. Theoretically, they could act as an interesting terrorist act to destabilize the situation in Iran, "the political scientist said.

Speaking about the further development of events, I. Velizade stressed that the concept of regional security will most likely be revised.

"This terrorist attack will become a detonator of the transformation of the security concept, external players will probably behave differently, more radically, more rigidly," he said.

The expert expressed the opinion that Iran will take serious measures to strengthen security and possibly to some extent Iran’s foreign policy will be tougher. "We should expect more active actions of Iran in the fight against terrorist groups in the region," I. Velizade pointed out.

"The game in the region will be tough. The tension will grow, we should expect tough, sharp actions in this region, " - he concluded. 

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