Agreement with Iran may complete with slogan "Long live America!" - COMMENT

Agreement with Iran may complete with slogan "Long live America!" - COMMENT
If the countries of P5+1 will be there, as well as in Vienna, to solve conflicts in the world will be easier

Baku. 16 July. REPORT.AZ/ Between Iran and "P5+1" sign the final agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue.

In the case of implementation of the agreement, which has been reached on July 14, the document will be able to enter the world history and the history of diplomacy.

This agreement is essential and will lead to major changes and shifts.

Furthermore, it may lead to a new region in the political arena. This agreement can also be taken as the theoretical basis of occurrence bloodless revolution.

First, should be brought to the attention a few points of the agreement in 159 pages:

- Iran has committed itself to respect the refusal of all attempts, or all of the activities for the acquisition of nuclear weapons;

- Iran has undertaken not to produce plutonium at a nuclear facility in Arak, and use this facility for peaceful purposes. On the company will be engaged in the production of centrifuges isotopes for health and industry;

- The UN Security Council will eliminate all sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as lift put Iran in connection with this issue all multilateral and national bans, including bans on trade and energy;

- Annihilating the sanctions imposed by the European Union and SWIFT bank operations, payment and insurance systems;

- For 15 years Iran will provide information that meets the requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency and allow inspectors to make monitoring of nuclear facilities;

- Iran has agreed to allow inspectors to its military facilities;

- Iran has undertaken not to engage in the production of nuclear explosive devices and not to use plutonium in metallurgy;

- Tehran has also promised not to engage in the production of heavy gidroreaktorov over the next 8 years;

- Iran has also agreed for 8 years limited to enrich the isotope U-235 at 3.67%;

- Iran is also obliged within 15 years to enrich uranium at 3.67%, as well as convert nuclear facilities at Natanz and Fodro in technology centers;

- Apply in respect of the arms embargo of Iran for 5 years will remain in force. Supply of weapons to the Islamic Republic may be made only under the supervision of the UN Security Council;

- Application to the Iranian embargo on imports of ballistic missile technology is upheld for the next 8 years;

- In the case of Iran complying with the terms of the agreement on the nuclear program, the EU will eliminate sanctions on oil;

- In case of violation of the Iranian party to the agreement for 15 years, the sanctions will be automatically applied;

- Implementation of the agreement will oversee the commission of representatives of the EU and Iran as part of 8 people and others.

In the coming days is expected to cancel the sanctions imposed by UN Security Council against Iran. The Agreement will enter into force 90 days after the decision.

From the above examples can be seen in the document that the Iranian authorities have made a serious commitment too.

This agreement is also to the Iranian authorities a great opportunity to win the trust, as the 36-year existence of the Islamic Republic of constantly claims that it supports terror and is not engaged in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

In the Iranian authorities still have time to assess the resulting opportunities. The question of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction have caused the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, and Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

From this perspective, it can be assumed that the bilateral meetings between the US and Iranian representatives were touched upon other issues, except for nuclear programs.

It should be noted that the decision known problem greatly accelerated after participation in the White House. This shows the existence between Washington and Tehran and other agreements.

In this regard, you can push a few suggestions:

- The authorities in Tehran can not know the nature of revolutions that have taken place in neighboring countries and regions. Even before the events in Iraq and Syria, Tehran officials have repeatedly expressed concern about the United States overthrow of the current government in Iran.

White House officials also said that such a desire in Washington not. Last month, US President Barack Obama has sent another letter to the supreme spiritual leader Ayatollah Seyid Ali Khamenei. It disseminates information about what the letter regards Iran's nuclear program. However, it can also be considered a measure of easing the situation between the two sides. From this perspective, it can be assumed that Iran has received a US guarantee that the current government will not be overthrown.

- As for the US, they can ask Iran to support the normalization of the events in the region, and hath not assist terrorist forces.

For example, before Tehran can be delivered the following conditions - to refuse to support the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, to be active in the fight against LIH, influence the processes in Yemen and others.

- One of the highlights is the assumption that the parties agree on the question about Russia.

- In the future Iran could also be given to the role of a US ally in the region. It should be noted that from 1953 until the 1979 revolution, Iran has served as a policeman and an ally of Washington in the region.

In addition to the nuclear program of Iran, of course, required to ensure the protection of human rights and to carry out social and political reforms, since in 2010 the United States used against a group of government officials of Iran sanctions because of human rights violations.

Another issue is also the slogan of "Death to America!" - One of the main political aspects of Iran's ideology. Tehran refuses any of this ?! Or say, "Long live America"?!.

By the way, it can be assumed that the mediators and the international community will try to persuade the offended Israel agree with the decision. After all, with the exception of the US, Iran to any of the countries of the "six" refers not so negative. It extends not only to the slogan "Death to Israel!", But also constantly heard the idea that this state will be wiped out.

One of the issues of interest to the world is also a decline in oil prices. Technological capabilities of Iran and the elimination of the sanctions give reason to assume that so quickly prices will not fall. However, Tehran has said that for many years because of the sanctions has been a minor oil production and exports, and notes its intention to strengthen its efforts to eliminate the consequences of the damage during that time the damage.

On this occasion, he even appealed to OPEC.

Thus, it is possible to pay off another possible source of war or the problem may be solved in the near future.

If the countries of "P5+1" - the US, Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia will always be there, as well as in Vienna, to solve conflicts in the world will be easier.

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