45 years passed from Watergate: Nixon's resignation, on the way toward "Trumpgate" - COMMENT

45 years passed from Watergate: Nixon's resignation, on the way toward "Trumpgate" - COMMENT
Although Nixon was accused of abuse of his powers, the case of Donald Trump is more complicated and confusing

Baku. 17 June. REPORT.AZ/ The United States once again, similar to the show, demonstrate that they are strong and powerful. On June 20, it turns 5 months from the day when 45th president of the country Donald Trump came to power. 3 years and 7 months left until the end of his term. Over the past 5 months, numerous protests have been held against D. Trump, charges have been raised and it is possible that they will continue.

Trump is resisting. Both sides - the president and prosecutors, relying on the rule of law continue this very carefully. In other words, for the overthrow of Trump, there are no actions involving numerous protesters. On the streets, at least, there are no slogans "Trump go!". Finally, armed opposition not formed against him. What is being done? Commissions are created, prosecutors are investigating.

Exactly the same as the "Watergate scandal" which took place 45 years ago. This word literally means "water gate". But due to the fact that the incident occurred in the hotel of the same name in history, it came as a "Watergate" political scandal.

Notably, on June 17, 1972, a motion was proposed for a vote of no confidence in the US president, Republican Richard Nixon.

On June 17, 1972, a motion was proposed for a vote of no confidence in US President Richard Nixon.

On the same day five men, one of whom says he used to work for the CIA, are arrested at 2:30 a.m. trying to bug the offices of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate hotel and office complex.Then the investigation began.During the investigation it became known that these persons were employees of the Central Intelligence Agency, and ruling Republican Party was behind it.

The fact of listening to the Headquarters of the Democratic Party became known and there was no doubt that, permission directly came from the White House. This was an unpleasant surprise for the Nixon administration.

Nixon spokesman Ron Ziegler regarded the incident as an event of the third class and not having any serious significance. The incident occurred on the eve of the presidential election. Members of the Nixon administration, stating that there were attempts to discredit them in the elections, tried to justify themselves.

On June 27, 1974 House Judiciary Committee passed the first of three articles of impeachment, charging obstruction of justice. At meetings on July 29-30 of the same year, he was accused of abuse of official authority and disrespect for Congress.

Although he won the elections during the second period and again became president of the country, on August 8, 1974 he announced that he was resigning.Nixon thus, made history as the head of state for the first time in the history of the country who resigned before the end of the presidential term. In the first 4 years of his presidency, Nixon actually partially fulfilled the promises made to the population, took certain steps towards withdrawing troops from Vietnam and demonstrated that he would gradually end this war. Nixon, who manifests himself in foreign policy as an ardent anti-communist, did a job serving to ease tensions in the international arena and mitigate confrontation, making a visit to the USSR he made one of the first steps, etc. This is a very small part of Nixon's merits to the United States.

Nixon's resignation was regarded as a confession of guilt.However, he tried to prove his innocence until the end of his life.Nixon never openly said that he was guilty of what had happened.The accusations against Donald Trump are expanding day by day.

196 Democratic lawmakers appealed to the Federal Court against President Donald Trump, alleging that he is violating the Constitution’s foreign emoluments clause by accepting payments from foreign governments through his businesses while president.Prosecutors are preparing to apply to the court on the basis of the likelihood of violation by the US president of the constitution.They accuse D. Trump of receiving millions of dollars from foreign countries.Prosecutors say that D. Trump consistently checks financial statements of his company:"We opened a criminal case due to the fact that the president did not take the necessary steps without giving up his business interests."

If a complaint is upheld, the president of the United States must disclose his tax returns as part of the trial to clarify the scope of foreign business transactions.

Some time ago lawyers stated that there was no Russian trace in the tax declaration of D. Trump.

US Special Prosecutor on the “Russian case" Robert Muller is studying the trade relations of Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner.Documents of his financial transactions with Russia will be studied.

Although Nixon was accused of abuse of his powers, the case of D. Trump is more complicated and confusing.Because of ties with Russia, he is suspected almost in harm to security and the national interests of the United States.

Because he voices promises to ease sanctions against Russia and develop ties.However, the recent adoption of a bill by the US Senate to tighten sanctions against Russia and increase pressure on Iran stopped the possible activities of the president in this direction.

This bill was prepared during the period of former US President Barack Obama and implies the consolidation at the legislative level of sanctions related to the conflict in the south of Ukraine, the annexation of Russia by the Crimea. The bill also includes sanctions applied against Russian citizens suspected of committing cyber attacks on US political institutions. The document also noted that US President Donald Trump without the consent of Congress can not weaken sanctions.

Thus, after 45 years, the US experiencing a new political scandal. The charges against Nixon gave the result in two years. He was forced to resign as president. Accusations against Trump sound from the election campaign, that is, since September 2016. His connections with Russia are being studied. If he did not win the presidential election, the situation could be different. Apparently, his status as president and the authority of the country do not allow to take stricter steps against Trump.

In any case, provision of transparency not excluded in the accusations against 45th US president and his self defense. This is also an indicator of the country's self-confidence. The world watches these events with interest.

Will there be a next "gates", "Trumpgate" in the world-famous crier of justice, democracy and the rule of law, which controls the unipolar world?! Although it is impossible to say when this will happen, it is not ruled out that the first presidential term (he stated that he will fight for the second term) of D. Trump will complete very difficult.

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