Suspicious deaths of Turkish Airlines employees

Suspicious deaths of Turkish Airlines employees 'They are intentionally committed crimes, rather than suicides'
November 10, 2016 12:08
Suspicious deaths of Turkish Airlines employees

Istanbul. 10 November. REPORT.AZ/ Turkish Airlines staff has been terrified. Istanbul New York flight attendants were questionably killed in hotel. US police calls the incident a suicide.

Turkish Airlines hostess, who asked not to reveal her name has told Report.

According to her, Turkish Airlines (THY) flight attendant Ö.Eda, who had flown from İstanbul to New York City, was found dead in her room at the Long Island Marriott hotel on October 25: “The crew had to return to airport after having breakfast. As Eda didn’t go out of hotel, friends went after her. They found her hanging dead in the bathroom. US police told it was a suicide without any investigation and sent the body to Turkey”.

According to hostess, this is second incident at the same hotel: “Turkish Airlines’ flying chef Cumhur Özmen was found hanging at the same hotel. US police called the incident a suicide and sent the body to Istanbul without any investigation.

She told that everybody in Turkish Airlines is terrified: “Company management warned the crew members of US flights not to stay alone in rooms of hotels. But this is not solution. I knew Eda well. They say she suicided because she broke up with her boyfriend. This is lie. She was living in Istanbul alone. She could suicide at home instead of hotel if she wanted. We are terrified”.

Turkish Airlines hostess added that there wasn’t any security camera on 4th floor of the hotel where both incidents happened.

She insists that the incidents are not suicides, but intentionally committed crimes: “We know that none of these incidents is suicide. One of victims Cumhur Özmen called his parents just before his death and told that he would take vacation and wanted to spend time with his family. Eda bought opera tickets for her family. Why does the one who wants to suicide buy tickets?! Or why does the one who wants to suicide call his family and say he wants to take vacation. All these facts give enough ground to think that deaths are rather intentional crimes than suicides.

She added that if questionable deaths will not be solved, employees may start to resign: “Everybody wants to resign after these incidents. Everyone has family and children. I have a little son. Who will take care of him, if I die? We don’t want to be victims of such crime. After each flight we get so tired that we simply want to go into room and fall asleep. We frequently fly to US. There are approximately 2-3 flights from Istanbul each day. How long time will we go to flights with fear? We can be next victims, if the crimes are not solved”.  

Vusala Abbasova 

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