Press Council: BBC should stop propaganda of Armenian separatism

Press Council: BBC should stop propaganda of Armenian separatism The BBC television channel, including its Azerbaijani service, has recently been disseminating biased materials and made biased statements about relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the current situation in Armenian-populated area of the Karabakh eco
September 3, 2023 13:11
Press Council: BBC should stop propaganda of Armenian separatism

The BBC channel, including the Azerbaijan service of this media organization, has recently been broadcasting biased materials and putting forward prejudiced claims about the relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the situation in the areas of the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan populated by Armenians. These materials encourage Armenian separatists in the Karabakh region, the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan, and make attempts at legalizing their “activities”. All this causes a legitimate concern and dissatisfaction, anger and indignation of the Azerbaijani people, the Azerbaijan Press Council said in a statement.

Report informs via AZERTAC that the statement says: “Such a line pursued by BBC represents an obvious disregard for the principles of journalism and an insult to civilized media values. Azerbaijani society believes that journalism should not serve manipulative purposes or abuse the opportunities of free speech. BBC and its Azerbaijan service are ignoring this requirement, providing a platform to separatist remnants in Karabakh, enthusiastically broadcasting their claims, and, as a result, acting in a prejudiced manner and putting the real facts in the background.

BBC’s lop-sided approach based on a distortion of facts related to the peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia and sending food aid for the Armenians of Karabakh is unacceptable. This approach is fundamentally against the determination and position of the Azerbaijani people. We firmly state that BBC's giving airtime to representatives of the separatist forces in Karabakh to air fake sentimental scenes represents an attempt to mislead the world community and form a wrong opinion."

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