ICT and transport results of 2022

ICT and transport results of 2022 2022 was a prosperous year for Azerbaijan's information and communication technologies (ICT) and financial sectors and was marked by interesting events. 
December 31, 2022 12:00
ICT and transport results of 2022

2022 was a prosperous year for Azerbaijan's information and communication technologies (ICT) and transport sectors and was marked by interesting events.

The biggest ICT event of the year was the Teknofest Aerospace and Technology Festival held in Baku on May 26-29. The presidents of the two countries took part in the festival's opening ceremony, which took place in Azerbaijan for the first time outside of Turkiye. More than 300,000 visitors visited the 4-day event.

On October 4-10, Baku hosted World Space Week. Within the framework of the week, the Space Agency under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, Azercosmos, widely demonstrated the capabilities of its satellites and its achievements so far. Next year, the International Astronautical Congress will be held in our country after a 50-year break.

During the year, it became known that Azerbaijan could launch the 4th satellite. Currently, the Azerbaijani television channels broadcast by Azerspace-1 satellite have been shown in HD (High Definition) format. In addition, the Lachin Radio-TV Broadcasting Station was put into operation, as a result of which eight national television channels (AzTV, Culture TV, Idman Azerbaijan TV, ITV, ATV, Khazar TV, CBC, Real TV), Azerbaijan Radio, Public Radio was broadcasted in Lachin district, as well as in the villages of Shusha and Gubadli districts in the direction of Lachin.

In 2022, the frequency allocation procedure for portable radio stations in Azerbaijan was simplified. Those who want to buy a frequency have to apply to the State Administration of Radio Frequencies under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport (MDDT) and get a frequency within three days, while this process previously required two months after having applied to the State Commission for Radio Frequencies. Meanwhile, the ministry board approved the "Methodology for calculation of one-time fee and fixed-term fee (monthly or annual) for usage of radio frequency spectrum in the Republic of Azerbaijan". With this, MDDT will determine tariffs for the use of radio frequencies based on a new approach and methodology.

During the year, cyber security became the focus of attention in Azerbaijan. A large number of events were held in this regard, and the Electronic Security Service under MDDT signed an agreement with Technion – Israel Institute of Technology to establish a Cyber Security Center in the country and train more than 1,000 professionals over the next three years.

This year, a number of tariffs in Azerbaijan made headway. By the decision of the Tariff (Price) Council, tariffs for universal postal services provided by Azerpost LLC, owned by MDDT, were updated. The price for a basic domestic letter weighing up to 20 grams was raised from 0.2 manats ($0.12) to 0.3 manats ($0.18), for post shipments (letters, parcels, small packages) weighing 2 kilograms from 1.8 manats ($1.06) to 3 manats ($1.76), and for sending domestic mail by the order from 0.3 manats ($0.18) to 0.6 manats ($0.35). In addition, tariffs for telephone services provided by Baku Telephone Communications and Aztelecom LLCs were reviewed. With the new decision, the monthly subscription fee for landline telephones used by the population was raised from 2.5 manats ($1.47) to 3.5 manats ($2.06) (including VAT), and the tariff for long-distance calls was reduced from 0.5 manats ($0.29) to 0.3 manats ($0.18). Near the end of the year, Aztelecom signed a loan agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development worth $50 million. The funds will be spent on providing regions with high-speed internet.

In 2022, the structure of MDDT was expanded. Information Systems for Electronic Government (including E-Gov and MyGov portals, subsystems of the Information Systems for E-Gov), Digital Executive Power portal, National Information Exchange System (ASAN Bridge), Single Sign-On System (ASAN Login), ASAN Finance system, State Register of Public Information Resources and Personal Data Information Systems, The System for Obtaining and Monitoring of Permits, as well as other main and auxiliary information systems related to those systems and registers, were taken from the State Agency for Service to Citizens and Social Innovations under the President (ASAN Service) and handed over to the ministry.

SIMA, a new generation digital signature, was introduced in Azerbaijan. SIMA, presented by AzInTelecom LLC, owned by MDDT, has become entirely free for individuals, and its mobile application has been installed on about 200,000 devices to date.

This year, one of the most significant events in the transport sector was the organization of bus trips to the liberated territories. With this, more than 15,000 Azerbaijani citizens had the opportunity to visit Shusha and Aghdam and see the historical monuments in these cities. A special website, www.yolumuzqarabaga.az., was created for ticket sales. The Azerbaijan Land Transport Agency (AYNA) under MDDT launched the biletim.az portal for online purchase of tickets on intercity and interregional regular bus routes.

In 2022, despite the political tension between Azerbaijan and Iran, the two countries took steps to cooperate in the transport sector. Azerbaijan's Deputy Prime Minister Shahin Mustafayev together with Iran's Roads and Urban Development Minister Rostam Ghasemi laid the foundations of highway bridges over the Astarachay and Araz Rivers.

And finally, in order to ensure the comfort of carriers and drivers, minimize physical contact, and prevent misuse, the "Badge of Distinction" has been issued online.

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