Azerbaijan presents unique international social network platform drawing into real communication - PHOTO

Azerbaijan presents unique international social network platform drawing into real communication - PHOTO Presentation of “Onbranch” social sharing platform with unique features held in Baku
May 5, 2017 18:45
Azerbaijan presents unique international social network platform drawing into real communication  - PHOTO

Baku. 5 May. REPORT.AZ/ Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA) has today presented an international project "Onbranch" which will start from Azerbaijan. 

Report informs, the platform consisting of website and mobile application, offers new opportunities for either business owners, subjects of the social activity or individual users.

Addressing the opening ceremony, consultant on strategic development of the project Emil Mejidov touched upon the development of global information-high technologies 10 years ago, and stated that social networks caused great changes in the world: "Now, everything depends on rapidly advancing technologies. I believe that "Onbranch" is a new generation of social networking. Perhaps this sounds very ambitious. But I say it without fear. I'm not an author of the project. The team bears main responsibility. I say it as a witness of its development", E. Mejidov stated.

Speaking at the event, project founder Elchin Askerov said that the main purpose of establishment of "Onbranch" social sharing platform is to connect people in the same space.

"We prefer a real life. That's to say, if you are not active in the real life, then you cannot be active on the “Onbranch” platform. Sometimes, diversity of life results in taking no notice of a part of reality around us. Of course, no one wants to miss any opportunity. Although it is not possible to subdue the time, it is possible to get more. "Onbranch" is ready to become your virtual assistant not separating you from real life, in order to implement just this purpose. This platform may play a role as a means of communicating with people in the surrounding area. Idea of creation of "Onbranch" has always existed, however, development of this technology, as well preparation of the technical mission was launched in November 2015", project manager Elchin Askerov added.

Noting advantages of the "Onbranch" project, E. Askerov stated that this unique project has no analogue in the world: "Another advantage of the application is the possibility to see real coordinates of any real space of the persons to contact them while entering area. For example, if the program is available on devices of two persons, then they are able to communicate with one another while entering the same space.

Another issue is related to virtual projection of the application created by us. Thus, if any person enters any space, then he/she enters a virtual form of the space by phone and its projection forms. It extends many possibilities. For example, it allows a user to use library of any space. Or if a user is in any place of resort, restaurant in the city, then he/she can look at its menu and make an order".

According to E.Askerov, this unique application will be launched by July in Baku for the first time, and talks are underway in London in order to expand its realization area: "We intend globalization after this summer. The plan the first city to be London". 

Notably, users will get an opportunity to rediscover any space by travelling through “Onbranch”. Thus, a user logged into a space in real life virtually enters territory of the space at the same time by a simple connection. So, then user is able to see himself/herself and other users in the virtual map of the space and contact them, also get a possibility to benefit from the space services.

Thus, being a new generation of social network, for the first time the mentioned platform allows everyone to get acquainted with and contact people of real life in the period being in the virtual space.

With its starting point of leisure, entertainment and catering sectors, "Onbranch" platform intends to offer various convenient and effective solutions for public services and business environment in next stages. Basic principle in any field is to develop a convenient and useful products by detailed examination both for ordinary users and service providers.

Neither ordering special mobile application for Onbranch”-connected spaces nor additional cost for online ordering system is required. Owners of the spaces of various categories will be able to develop their businesses through “Onbranch” and offer new services to their customers. By registering in the platform, any cafe, restaurant, entertainment center, university, library, or another place will be a part of the unite virtual system. It will be possible to switch to the system not only closed spaces, but also outdoor areas in the same order. “Onbranch” also provides to develop special three-dimensional graphic map reflecting real interior and exterior of the space.

Through the platform which developed nearly for 2 years, manager of any space gets an unique opportunities to get to know visitors, present real services in a single virtual zone, deliver information more quickly and in a different way by more close and interactive communicate with visitors in general or individually.  

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