AFFA First Vice President: "Arsenal" should revise Mkhitarian’s contract INTERVIEW

AFFA First Vice President: "Arsenal" should revise Mkhitarian’s contract INTERVIEW
May 25, 2019 15:38
AFFA First Vice President: Arsenal should revise Mkhitarian’s contract  INTERVIEW

AFFA First Vice President, MP Rauf Aliyev’s interview to Report:

- On May 29, the European League final between Chelsea and Arsenal will be held in Baku. What is our views about this match?

- Azerbaijan is a country of sport. We have hosted many esteemed competitions. First European Games, Islamic Solidarity Games, Formula One and etc. Before these, our country hosted European and World Championship on different types of sport. Azerbaijan is ready for such a great event. Organization of European League in Baku itself is a stage. Those coming here will see that how high-level organization we have.

- British media has been publishing defamatory articles against the final to be held in Azerbaijan for a few days. What do you think about it?

- Two English teams will compete in the final. Such a question: Nothing is said about Chelsea, but there are many reports regarding Arsenal. Why? Because Henrikh Mkhitaryan plays in Arsenal and this is done by Armenian lobby. They cannot accept organization of such an event in this country. Azerbaijani government and UEFA guarantee, sent letters. Why don’t you come? For instance, Azerbaijan is hosting European Championship on aerobics. Two Armenian – sister and brother – are included I the Russian national team. They are in Baku. Yesterday they said in their interview that Azerbaijan is safe country.

- Did really the security issue cause Mkhitaryan’s refusal to come to Baku?

- What would be if he came? Firstly, you are a player of the Club. Secondly, I think Arsenal should revise his contract. Mkhitaryan’s refual is not right. He broke the club’s rules. Therefore, the club should revise this issue. There is not any problem regarding security. UEFA President Alexander Chefer also welcomed the decision to hold the final in Baku and said that UEFA extends infrastructure. All of these are sourced by Armenian lobby. The most supreme organization in the world is UN. It has four resolutions about withdrawal of Armenian troops from Nagorno Karabakh. 26 years have passed. Have they withdrawn? This is a dual standard. Therefore, the articles published by British media are not true. The final will be organized at high level. At the same time, four matches of European Championship will be held in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is ready for this. Organizational Committee was established. I think these rumors are meaningless.

- Which club will you support?

- I’ll support Chelsea.

- Because of Mkhitaryan?

- Yes.

- Do not you think that Mkhitaryan took this step under Armenian pressure?

- Possible. However, the country and club have different laws. If their authority does not allow it, I’m sure this issue will be considered legally. Every condition was created and security was ensured. Why do you refuse? We don’t care what their government thinks, we only try to go forward.