Report: Dollar will drop in coming months

Report: Dollar will drop in coming months The official exchange rate may increase up to 1.27 EUR / AZN
May 22, 2015 17:20
Report: Dollar will drop in coming months

Baku. 22 May. REPORT.AZ/ European Union (EU) will be able to discuss the possibility to Agreementon Aid to Greece. German "Süddeutsche Zeitung" newspaper reported that Greece will carry out tax reform and other reforms in the country if EU will give extra 4 months and allocate 4 billion dollars loan.

Thus, required Pension System Reforms at labor market can be carried out after 4 months.

Report informs, yesterday meeting of EU leaders started in Riga. The main theme of the meeting was related to the settlement of the crisis in Greece. Greek side interviewing "Reuters" news agency said that, after the talks between the leaders of Greece, Germany and France are very close to an agreement with creditors.

After the news, the exchange rate of the euro rose from 1.1208 USD to 1.1108 USD in the morning and single European currency is expected to strengthen further. It is expected that euro prices are likely to rise to 1.14 USD / EUR, then 1.17 USD / EUR and up to 1.22 USD / EUR.

In recent days Central Bank of Azerbaijan made an increase indollar exchange rate by 0.0014 manats and official exchange rate of the US dollar rose from 1,0471 USD/AZN to 1,0485 USD/AZN. Euro fell from 1.1969 EUR / AZN to 1.1688 EUR / AZN.Next week, this trend is expected to move in the opposite direction.

Tthe analyst group of Report informs that, the official exchange rate of the dollar in the short term is likely to fall to 1.0470 USD / AZN, the euro will rise up to 1.20 EUR / AZN.But in the coming 2-4 months dollar may fall to 1.0450 USD / AZN, while the euro may rise up to 1.27 EUR / AZN.

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