Foreign investments in Azerbaijan increased by 17%

Foreign investments in Azerbaijan increased by 17% Top 10 countries determined by the volume of investment in Azerbaijan
December 20, 2014 17:07
Foreign investments in Azerbaijan increased by 17%

Baku. 20 December. REPORT.AZ/  In January-November foreign sources of investment in fixed assets increased by 16.7% and reached 4.401 bln manats compared to the same period last year, Report informs referring to the State Statistical Committee.  4,047 bln. manat or 92% of the investments in fixed capital by foreign countries and international organizations are from UK, Norway, Turkey, USA, France, Iran, Russia, and Japan was owned by investors.

Thus, 1,425 bln manats of investments or 32.4% of the UK, 812.9 mln manats or 18.5% is the Norwegian currency, 380.6 mln manats or 8.6% of Turkey, 346.0 mln manats or 7.9% of the US, 300.8 mln manats or 6.8% of France, 267.2 mln manats or 6.1% of Iran, 267.2 mln manats or 6.1% of Russia, 247.3 mln manats or 5.6% is the Japanese currency, 132.5 mln manats or 3%. of the Czech Republic and 38.6 mln manats or 0.9% accounted for the Indian currency or investors.

During the reporting period the volume of foreign investment, the World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) made up 5.1% of the total share.Thus, 114.7 mln manats or 2.6% investments of the World Bank, 62.9 mln manats or 1.4% of the Asian Development Bank, 3.2 mln manats or 0.1% were on the EBRD.

For the economic and social development of the country in January-November of this year 14.693 bln manats was allocated in fixed assets from all financial resources, 73.8% of it was spent for the execution of construction works. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the volume of investments in fixed capital increased by 0.3%, the amount of funds used for construction works increased by 11.4%.

9.872 bln manats was allocated for the construction of production facilities, 4.822 billion manats for the construction of service objects, 51.7% of investment accounted for the state-owned enterprises in the state, 48.3% for non-state-owned enterprises.

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