Culture attache: Turkey has a lot to learn from Azerbaijan - INTERVIEW

Culture attache: Turkey has a lot to learn from Azerbaijan - INTERVIEW Irfan Çiftçi: Cinema film or TV series will be shot about 1915-1920 period of history
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April 6, 2018 17:47
Culture attache: Turkey has a lot to learn from Azerbaijan - INTERVIEW

Baku. 6 April. REPORT.AZ/ İrfan Çiftçi, culture and presentation attache of Embassy of Turkey in Azerbaijan answered to questions of Report News Agency:

- At what level is currently the cultural relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan?

- Turkey and Azerbaijan know each other well in terms of culture at popular level, but while moving deeper, a serious weakness is developed. In other words, Turkey knows very little about the deep culture of Azerbaijan, because the Azerbaijani studies in Turkey are very weak. In the same way, Turkish studies in Azerbaijan are very weak. The famous singers of Azerbaijan are recognized everywhere, but very little people in Turkey are familiar with Jabbar Garyagdioglu and composition of Uzeyir Hajibeyli. At the same time, there are also very little people in Azerbaijan who are familiar with Dede Efendi or any elite poet of Turkey.

- And what kind of measures are taken for elimination of this situation?

- We conduct special seminars in order to establish profound relations. I invite writers to Azerbaijan from Turkey, at the same time I send writers from Azerbaijan to Turkey. Besides, we implement activities regarding pictorial arts. We held meeting between Turkish and Azerbaijani artists. We continue to make efforts for establishment of closer work partnerships and creation of conditions for implementation of joint activities because Azerbaijan has many advantages in this area.

- Whish advantages do you mean?

- Azerbaijan is well ahead in the area of pictorial arts, sculpture, plastic and visual arts and music. There is much experience which Turkey may learn from Azerbaijan. And in other areas, Azerbaijan can learn many experiences from Turkey. We create conditions for integration of activities in these areas. This year, we will implement a number of activities regarding 100th anniversary of People’s Republic of Azerbaijan. This is the 100 years’ anniversary of our solidarity. We envisage such projects regarding this celebration as implementation of large exhibitions, creation of art and literature work, shooting of cinema films, etc. A part of these projects will be implemented with the support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan. We will have a tight agenda of events beginning from September.

- You mentioned shooting a cinema film. What will be the subject of the film?

- The subject of the film will be related to the fraternal help. This will be a cinema film or TV series dealing with the period of history between 1915 and 1920. The cinema film will be in Turkish. The place of its screening demonstration is not clear yet. Such persons and events as Caucasian Islamic Army, establishment of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Ataturk, Nariman Narimanov and etc. will be reflected in it.

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