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    US puts bounty on heads of PKK terrorists - gesture from White House to Turkey - COMMENT

    Baku. 10 November. REPORT.AZ/ The existence and influence of the Turkic states for hundreds of years hindered the third-party to make the rules in the Near and Middle East. The interference of the external forces occurred as a result of the betrayal in the region.

    Turkey is still one of the influential figures in the region. In order to reduce its power and prevent the interference in the Middle East, they want to confuse Turkey with various problems, create terrorist groups, weaken the country, and finally split and destroy the Turkish state. Terrorist grouping ISIS began activities in Syria and Iraq, and then pressure on Turkey began to grow stronger. Particularly branches of terrorist PKK in these countries YPG-PYD were directed to this vigorous state with the support of foreign interventionists. Despite numerous requests by Turkey, the PKK's armies are supplied with weapons and ammunition, clothing and machinery from United States and the Western Union in Syria.

    They are also given military trainings by their supporters. In response to inquiry from Turkey US says that they cooperate not with terrorists, but with the Syrian Democratic Forces.This unit consists mainly of YPG-PYD.So this alliance belongs to the PKK.Therefore, it is only the name of the terrorist that changes, the form and content remains the same.

    The United States Department of State on Tuesday announced that it will be offering millions of dollars in rewards for information leading the identification or location of three leading Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) officials.

    ‘’I am pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of State’s Rewards for Justice program is targeting three senior members of the terrorist organization Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). The Department has authorized rewards for information leading to the identification or location of the senior PKK members: Murat Karayilan (up to USD $5 million), Cemil Bayik (up to USD $4 million), and Duran Kalkan (up to USD $3 million),’’ U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Palmer said in a statement published on the department’s official website.

    The Turkish Foreign Ministry welcomed this step by US Department of State saying that they are also looking forward to supporting the fight against PKK terrorist branches in Iraq and Syria.

    By the way, the US Department of State recognized PKK as a terrorist organization in the United States in 1997 under Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act and also included it in the list of Patterns of Global Terrorism – 2001. Generally, relationship between White House and official Ankara became warm after the release of pastor Brunson, a US citizen who was accused of espionage against Turkey. Turkey and the United States have mutually cancelled sanctions. White House has imposed sanctions on Turkish Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül and Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu. The Turkish side also took a similar step in the case of U.S. Interior Minister Ryan Zinke and Justice Minister Jeff Sessions. Andrew Branson was charged with links to coup d'etat in Turkey on July 15, 2016, with the terrorist group FETO and PKK. He could face imprisonment for 35 years.

    Turkey is one of the eight states that have been exempted from oil imports from the US sanctions against Iran on November 4. Japan, South Korea and India are also in the same list. It is obvious that after the release of the American pastor, the depreciation of the Turkish lira against US dollar also prevented. Until the end of the current year, exchange of US dollar expected to be 5.10 lira.

    At a tense moment in the US-Turkish relations, an extraordinary event happened - an employee of the Washington Post newspaper, Jamal Khashoggi, was killed in the consulate general of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. Numerous evidences suggest that he was killed by order of Saudi Arabia authorities, but there are no official confessions. The kingdom continues to remain silent and mislead the international community. Dead body of Khashoggi is still not found. Saudi Arabia’s such arbitrariness in the territory of its NATO ally Turkey is absolute disregard. The White House also faced conviction for the actions of the Kingdom. Donald Trump said they are working with Turkey and Saudi Arabia together to jointly disclose the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

    Then, against the background of these events, what is the purpose of putting bounty on the head of PKK terrorists, concessions for Turkey in anti-Iranian sanctions, preventing the cheapening of the lira, joint patrolling by the US and Turkish military in Syrian Manbij? What does America want to show? Perhaps America decided to do so in order not to aggravate relations with Turkey. As noted above, Turkey and the states that existed in Anatolia, since the dawn of time, prevented the penetration of a third force into the region. Apparently, having failed to break the integrity of Turkey by various attacks and pressure, preference was given to strengthening cooperation. In the current situation, it considered useless to speak with Turkey in the language of force. The geographical position of Turkey and other criteria left no choice but to maintain friendship and cooperation with this country.

    Recently, America is guided by this principle. But this does not mean that the assistance to terrorists acting against Turkey will be stopped once and for all. If official Ankara covers the activities of defenders of the PKK and their leaders of the Peoples' Democratic Party, then without a doubt, the patrons of the party will make a noise. Therefore, it continues to conduct anti-state, subversive activities, defending terrorists, and the wings of the PKK - YPG / PYD still threaten Turkey. Together with them, their benefactors - the United States and Western countries do not stop the supply of weapons to terrorists, providing them with political support. So, the appointment of remuneration for the heads of three terrorists is nothing more than theatrics. As if the US doesn’t know their location. It is hard to believe that a power capable of controlling the world from space does not know the location of the three terrorists. It is insincere and illogical that a country that has achieved the abolition of the death penalty in Turkey to prevent the execution of the leader of terrorists Abdullah Ocalan, appoints a reward for the heads of three of his followers. In order to regain the lost confidence of Turkey or to make themselves look better, these forces can kill one of the three terrorists, but this performance is unlikely to heal Turkey’s real wounds.

    Today, more than 3 million Syrian and Iraqi refugees have found shelter in Turkey. The West, led by the United States, is well aware of a stream of migrants rushing into the country. To prevent the flow of migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico, Donald Trump pulled additional troops to the border with Mexico. It is interesting, if conditions will be created for sending refugees from Turkey to Europe, what will the US allies in Europe do, what steps will the patrons of the PKK and its wings acting under different names take?! Turkey also helped the United States and allies in this matter.

    Thus, it turns out that remuneration by US State Department for the heads of three terrorists, indulgence for Turkey in anti-Iranian sanctions, preventing the lira from becoming cheaper is nothing compared to good gestures of Ankara. Turkey deserved it, not letting itself be offended, defending its interests, not finding itself in the situation of Iraq and Syria. However, the game between the parties will continue in different appearance ... 

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