Turkish-Russian relations: Ankara said 'no' to foreign interests - COMMENT

Turkish-Russian relations: Ankara said 'no' to foreign interests - COMMENT
Restoration of relations between the two countries is in favor of Azerbaijani businessmen

Baku. 28 June. REPORT.AZ/ All wars, conflicts and other problems of this kind are resolved sooner or later.

In this regard, numerous examples can be shown. No doubt, relations between Israel and Islamic Republic of Iran, which are in hostile relations, will be resolved soon.

Of course, standoff between Turkey and Russia could not last forever. Finally, first steps are seen for restoration of the relations between the parties.

Notably, on the morning of November 24, 2015, Su-24 warplane, belonging to Russian military aviation group in Syria, violated Turkish airspace. Turkish Air Force warned Russians 10 times to leave the area. After this, Turkish F-16 fighters neutralized the Su-24. One pilot was wounded and one died at the scene. Turkish citizen Alparslan Çelik was suspected of killing the injured pilot.

After this incident, situation exacerbated between Turkey and Russia, which considered allied state.

Yesterday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sent a letter to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and expressed condolences for the death of the pilot as well as expressed his regret about the incident.

Erdoğan stated followings on the content of the letter sent to Putin: Our relations with Russia deteriorated due to the aircraft issue. We have taken a step to eliminate negative state in the relations. I'm sure that the letter, which I have sent to restore relations with Russian would benefit both countries. I have also reminded our opportunities for regional cooperation on a wide range of issues. I believe that eliminating the current situation urgently, which damages both countries, we will be able to normalize relations'.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim made such a statement on the letter: 'Content of the letter is clear. We expressed regret. Both countries want to normalize relations. I think that things are going to improve'.

B.Yildirim hasn't excluded that Turkish President R.T. Erdoğan will have a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin this week: 'This crisis is unpleasant for both Turkish and Russian peoples. Our president will hold a telephone conversation with Putin on Wednesday or Thursday'.

The Kremlin also spread information on the letter of Turkish President and mentioning of these issues in the letter stressed:

- Erdoğan expressed his regrets on downing of Russian military aircraft;

- He promised to do his best to return to the previous situation of relations between the two countries;

-H stressed that Turkey is ready to act together with Russia in fight against terrorism in the region;

- Erdoğan expressed regret and sorrow for the plane's downing;

- Turkish President said that shares sorrow of the family of the pilot, died as a result of the incident;

- He said that investigation launched on the Turkish citizen, accused of murdering the Russian pilot.

Erdoğan's letter is not unexpected. Because official Ankara had taken a few steps earlier. Letters of Turkish President and Prime Minister to their Russian counterparts on the Russian National Day, invitation of Russian ambassador in Ankara to the breaking of a fast event by the president as well as preparation of 9 steps document by Turkey for normalization of relations can be shown as examples.

In accordance with that document made as a 'road map', Turkey plans to restore relations at the level before December 15, 2016. Official Ankara noted that it doesn't need an intermediary country in the restoration process of the relations. regarding this issue Turkish leadership is based on the practice of elimination of the situation in relations with Israel. Ankara considers that if no mediator, Turkish-Israeli relations have recovered more quickly.

This step by Turkey is mainly based on political and economic principles.

Notably, earlier Erdoğan expressed his disappointment regarding relations with the US and Russian Presidents. He reminded that he wanted to establish exemplary relations between the United States and Turkey together with Barack Obama, bring a new level of trade cooperation with Russia, in the negotiations with Putin: 'Unfortunately, our hopes were not justified, economic cooperation went worse, our relations in the field of foreign policy are not in a good level', Turkish President said.

In addition, the US supply of guns to terrorist PKK and its Syrian wing PYD and YPG, which are engaged in subversive activity in Turkey as well as problems with regard to Erdoğan, are factors disappointing him. Issues, which led to resignation of former Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoğlu also can be considered arguments.

At a time of strengthening of terrorist attacks against Turkey, war in Iraq and Syria, increase of flow of refugees, at the background of adoption of the resolution on 'Armenian genocide' at the German parliament, increase of pressures by the US and European coutntries towards Turkey regarding terrorist Kurdish groups, Ankara is becoming isolated in the perspective.

Bewaring of such an isolation, Turkish authorities preferred to normalize relations with Russia.

No doubt, this step is in favor of Russia, too. Its main reason is economic problem faced with the Kremlin.

It is true that Russians insisted Turks to apologize. They considered it the same as Israel apology before Turkey. Due to faults in all comparisons, such a comparison is also faulty.

Israel attacked Turkish citizens carrying humanitarian aid. As a result, 9 Turkish civilians killed. Russian military plane was shot down for violating the Turkish airspace. We think that it is the main difference.

Finally, restoration of Turkish-Russian relations may prevent tricks by the European Union which has lost Great Britain - one of its key members. Restoration of Moscow-Ankara relations will positively affect Turkish activity in settlement of the conflict regarding Nagorno Karabakh, occupied Azerbaijani territory. At the same time, it will give an impetus to a number of Azerbaijani citizens facing social and commercial difficulties, to get out of the situation, occurred after tensions in Ankara-Moscow relations. Russian-Turkish agreement will also establish conditions for Azerbaijani businessmen to restore their previous trade activities.

Binali Yildirim said that they plan to normalize relations with Egypt, too. Apparently, Ankara realizes damage of satisfying foreign interests.

Thus, it can be expected that Turkey will establish larger scale relations with Israel, Russia and even Egypt. 

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