Experts: Relations with Turkey have more significance for Europe than with Armenia

Experts: Relations with Turkey have more significance for Europe than with Armenia
Armenians will achieve nothing in the recognition of the so-called Armenian genocide

Baku. 20 April. REPORT.AZ/ Armenians will not achieve anything in the recognition of the so-called "Armenian genocide", and for France, Turkey and Azerbaijan are more important partners than Armenia, Azerbaijani political analyst think, commenting on the upcoming events on the so-called 100-th anniversary of the "Armenian genocide" on April 24, and participation of the French President Francois Hollande.

"I do not think that this year is special in terms of recognition of "Armenian genocide" by some countries", said political scientist Elkhan Shahinoglu to Report.

The expert expressed the view that the statements of the Vatican and the European Parliament on the so-called "Armenian genocide" will harm only Europe itself."Neither the Pope's statements, no resolution of the European Parliament have legal effect for Turkey.Europe separates itself from Turkey, which is primarily a negative impact on Europe itself.Losing such a powerful secular Muslim country like Turkey in this sensitive region as Eurasia

promises nothing good to Old World",- said E.Shahinoglu.

According to him, the Armenians will not be able to achieve their goals on April 24: "The Armenian lobby in Yerevan will not be able to collect all the Western elite".

Political analyst also said that Turkey has a greater weight in the region, rather than Armenia, which accounted by Western politicians.

"April 24 followed by April 25. The presidents of Russia and France will return home for a year and everyone will forget about the "Armenian question". By the way, French President Francois Hollande on April 25 will already be in Baku and the Azerbaijani capital waiting for more intense talks on bilateral relations than its participation in the activities of "genocide". What can offer a weak Armenia to France? But Baku and Paris have specific multibillion projects, from the development of energy resources, to construction of joint ventures, "- said E. Shahinoglu.

In turn, the political scientist Tofig Abbasov said that the visit of French President to Armenia is also related to the factor that the West now considers Armenians as "instigators of anti-Muslim and anti-Turkic hysteria."

"For some people in the West, it is extremely necessary to fuel hostility to the Muslim East, to keep a certain part of the society in suspense from the notorious "terrorist threat".But no doubt that Armenians in this dirty game belong to the most humiliating part", he said.

The expert expressed the opinion that the arrival of Hollande to Armenia will not give any dividends and preferences to Armenians.

However, France cannot ignore the role of Turkey in the international security system, growing proportion of Ankara from one year to the next in the complex of bilateral relations, in the format of relations along the axis of Turkey-EU relations. Ankara is playing very important role in the creation of a new architecture of cooperation, security and integration.And therefore I don't think that the arrival of Hollande in Yerevan will noticeably shake the foundation of the Turkish-French relations.I believe that Turkey's reaction will be negative, but it will not prevent the two countries to continue established relationships in the future", says T. Abbasov.

In turn, political analyst Ilgar Velizade stressed that the recent events related to the so-called "Armenian genocide", including the ceremony itself, which will be held on April 24 will be the culmination of the whole story, and then the topic will gradually "come to naught" .

"The statements of political figures, appeal of the Parliament and the presence of managers of large states in a series of commemorative events against the background of wailing and accusations of all mortal sins of Turks, only emphasize the deep geopolitical fault line that passes through our region, and to a serious degree affect the aggravation of its current problems ", he believes.

He noted that the adoption of resolution on the "genocide" by the European Parliament and the Pope's speech hit hardest the Armenian lobby in Turkey.

"They removed the ground for action not only Mahchupyans, but their patrons still think that with the help of flirting with Armenians they can achieve any success and fix the strategic initiative. It was all a bluff. As for Hollande, after Yerevan he will travel to Baku. Real politics is doing its job. The principle of nations have no permanent friends; they have only permanent interests " eventually prevail and the issue of the so-called "genocide", over a "harvest" will reap the Armenians at this time, they should think about now", said I. Velizadeh

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