AMADA Executive Director: I will disclose the violations at federations this year end - INTERVIEW

AMADA Executive Director: I will disclose the violations at federations this year end - INTERVIEW Shafaq Huseynli: Some athletes have already missed two tests
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December 11, 2017 14:08
AMADA Executive Director: I will disclose the violations at federations this year end  - INTERVIEW
Report/ Firi Salim

Baku. 11 December. REPORT.AZ/ Report News Agency presents an interview with the Executive Director of Azerbaijan National Anti-Doping Agency (AMADA) Shafag Huseynli, regarding today's seminar in Baku held for doctors of the federations:

- Which issues will be discussed today?

- This is our first event related with doctors. The seminar will address very important topic Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE), about medical and legal grounds for athlete’s use of prohibited substances and methods based on any medical directions. We will separately touch on topics of asthma, androgen deficiency, use of glucocorticoid and intravenous therapy by athletes.

This information will help athletes to know how to collect the right documents and fill out the TUE form. This form is required for applying to Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee. The main duty of the committee is to permit use of prohibited substances and methods in accordance with medical guidelines only to those athletes who need them. It is within the work principle of all doctors across the world. Each athlete may have certain decease, for this reason that person may have to take the prohibited medicine. In that case, they can apply to AMADA, collect all necessary documents and get permission for use of the medication. This is one of the important issues in world sporting. Athletes may greatly benefit from that. It is possible that during urgent aid an athlete was given certain drug or during surgery intravenous therapy was provided. Under such conditions even when the result of doping test is positive, an athlete with certain permission certificate will not be disqualified.

- Are there such examples in the world?

- Some time ago hackers received the information on the database of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and published details about some famous athletes. At that time, it become known that many famous athletes, for example, Serena and Venus Williams sisters use several substances. Albeit this information is confidential. Later it turned out that the athletes did not experience problems for use of prohibited substances as they were sick. Because they have relevant certificate. In today’s seminar we will focus on this topic and talk about the list of prohibited substances. There will be also question and answer session. Doctors from all federations attend the seminar.

- What is the number of doping tests performed by AMADA this year?

- This year we have made over 400 tests. During the competitions more than 200 tests were made. We have done our job also during international tournaments. We still need to continue our work. There will be several republican championships by the year end. We are actively testing.

- When the results will be announced?

- We have already results, statistics is high. We will give an account in the press conference that we will organize in the year end. Though we won’t name athletes, we will inform about the number of positive tests found at federations and used prohibited substances.

- Will there be any disqualification at this year end?

- There is a procedure here. When the doping tested positive we start hearings. We disclose them only 21 days after making certain decision and informing the federation and athlete. Why 21 days? Because during that period an athlete may appeal the decision.

- Were there any footballer tested positive for doping?

- I can’t yet speak about that. I will disclose this year end how many violations were found in federations.

- Do AMADA employees face any problem while testing athletes for doping?

- The agency has been recently established. Perhaps not all federations are very well familiar yet with order and procedures. Such misunderstandings happen very rarely. An only important problem for us is that some athletes who have been registered in test groups don’t give their venue information on time and properly. Sometimes they don’t do it. For this reason, it is regarded as a missing test. Three missing tests are subject to disqualification from one to two years. They don’t take it seriously. But this is one of the anti-doping violations. Some athletes have already missed the tests twice i.e. the third such case will be subject to punishment. Federation representatives and doctors should pay serious attention to this issue. 

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