Kamran Agayev: "Why are others so bothered with my making money?" - INTERVIEW

Kamran Agayev: "Why are others so bothered with my making money?" - INTERVIEW Baku. 7 February. REPORT.AZ/ Report interviews goalkeeper of the Azerbaijan national team and Keshla FC Kamran Agayev.
February 7, 2019 14:18
Kamran Agayev: Why are others so bothered with my making money? - INTERVIEW

Baku. 7 February. REPORT.AZ/ Report interviews goalkeeper of the Azerbaijan national team and Keshla FC Kamran Agayev.

- What can you say about the match in the 15th round of the Premier League in which you lost to Sabail 0:3?

- We lost, which means that our performance was weak. It was an unexpectable result, we wouldn't want to lose. We did not play well and made mistakes.

- You were one of those who made mistakes...

- Every man makes mistakes. I do not read press, but there have always been biased writings about me. I am always interested in what my head coach thinks about me. I pay attention to not what they write about me, but what the head coach tells me to do. We lost, we did not show a good result. I again say: every man makes mistakes.

- Did head coach Tarlan Ahmadov hold a meeting with the team after the defeat in the first match following the winter break?

- This is the matter related to the team and it cannot be discussed elsewhere.

- Did the head coach and the management criticize the team for the failure?

- In professional sport criticism comes even after victory. They point to the mistakes and this is normal.

- They say that there is a tension between you and the head coach, because the club management gave you a free hand...

- They can say many things but I don't have to react to all of them. I consider the reports written in 'by our information' form to be unprofessional. If I attend trainings and play for the team, it means that everything is alright in our relations. Why should we have strained relations with the head coach?! When me or other players play weakly, make mistakes, the head coach will make his remarks and create a tension. This issue is closed at that moment and it has nothing to do with the relations in general.

- There are reports that you left the Antalya sessions to cast in a commercial. Is it true?

- Yes, I did. But it was not inofficial or without permission. I left not for the commercial, I had to leave for Baku for personal reasons. I came back two days before the team. On the other hand, if I left for a commercial, who cares? No one, including press, should mind my personal issues. Yes, I was offered to cast in the Coca Cola commercial. They write that I agreed in exchange for a huge amount of money. I can't understand why others are so bothered with my making money?! Why are they annoyed? It is my personal issue. I can take permission or not take it. But there is nothing of the kind in Keshla. Everything takes place upon the head coach's knowledge and permission.

-You will be Neftchi's guest within the 16th round on February 10. Will the match with the leader be difficult or it can be a turning point for you?

- There is no difficult match in Azerbaijani football. What is difficult, except for a couple of teams? It is necessary to struggle to get a result. We do not think that we play Neftchi, or that the rival is a leader. We think about finding our own style. We are going to win if we follow the head coach's instructions.

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