CinemaPlus dubbed one more film into Azerbaijani - VIDEO

CinemaPlus dubbed one more film into Azerbaijani - VIDEO The network started screening of "Isra and the magic book"
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January 6, 2017 16:07
CinemaPlus dubbed one more film into Azerbaijani - VIDEO

Baku. 6 January. REPORT.AZ/ Premium class CinemaPlus theaters network has began to show the Belgian family adventure film "Isra and the magic book".

Report informs, the movie was dubbed in Cinemazadeh studio in 2016.

Dubbing director - Rovshan Mammadov, editor in chief - Khatai Ali, producer - Tural Asadov, mastering - Azad Veliyev, sound - Orhan Hasanli and post-production supervisor - Vugar Islamzade.

The dubbing of the film attended by Sona Rasulova, Rovshan Mammadov, Kazim Abdullayev, Elshan Rustamov, Javid Osmanov, Najiba Huseynova, Khalaf Jafarov, Gulnara Zulalova, Nazakat Mammadli, Khatai Ali, Orhan Hasanli and Said Nizami. Director of the film is R. Kan Albay.

Actors - Isra Dela, Sven Van Der Linden, Wim Opbrouck, Valarie Derrider, R. Kan Albay and Tamer Karadagli.

About the film: Nine-year-Isra, together with his classmates went to the library. There she meets Dzhugli Bey and his magic book. Isra not fully realizing the events understands what is inside the sugar fortress and encounters with unusual inhabitants of the invisible wall, where gin comes from the lamp, the elderly, but very fast librarian, speaking balls and animal environment.

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