This section contains information about Azerbaijani statesmen, socio-political, cultural and artistic figures, as well as famous people of the country. Each person's date of birth, institutions he (she) works for, etc. can be found here. The general facts, as well as information about the awards and honorary titles received, are presented in chronological order. NOTE: This section features last names of persons listed in alphabetical order.

NOTE: In this section, the names of individuals are listed in alphabetical order of their surnames.

Oktay Shiraliev

Minister of Health of Azerbaijan

Lala Shevket

Former Chairman of the ALP

Samir Sharifov

Minister of Finance of Azerbaijan Republic

Parviz Shahbazov

minister of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Samad Seyidov

Member of Milli Mejlis

Ziyad Samadzadeh

Member of Milli Mejlis

Vagif Samadoglu

National Poet

Haji Salman

Deputy Chairman of the Caucasian Muslims Office

Niyazi Safarov

Deputy Minister of Economy