Sona Valiyeva


a member of the National Television of Azerbaijan Republic and Radio Council.


Sona Valiyeva is known for literary criticism, poetry and other writings in the fiction. Her books like "Azerbaijanism as a national ideology and literary-aesthetic training" ("Azərbaycançılıq milli ideologiya və ədəbi-estetik təlim kimi"), "Rise of the statehood movement and Azerbaijanism idea in the period of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic"(2003) ("Milli dövlətçilik hərəkatının yüksəlişi və Xalq Cümhuriyyəti dövründə Azərbaycançılıq ideyası"), scientific-publicitic and "My pink world" (2007) ("Çəhrayı rəngli dünyam") welcomed with great pleasure by her readers. Her book "Time passed without notice" ("Zaman xəbərsiz ötdü") published in 2012 was not only the next meeting with her readers, as well became good poetic report for PhD in philology.


For her journalist career she was awarded Taraggi (Progress) Medal in 2005. In the same year she finalyzed her research and received the Candidate of Philology degree.


She worked as a director in the Kaspi newspaper during 1999-2007.


She worked as a reporter for the Ses (Voice) newspaper in 1995-1999.


She worked in the Nakhchivan Music College named after Uzeyir Hajibayov in 1984-1994.


She studied at the Cultural and educational activities faculty of the Azerbaijani State Economics University in 1980-1984.


Sona Mahammad gyzy Valiyeva was born in Sharur region, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in 1962.