Abid Sharifov


The first Deputy Prime Minister


He has been a Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan since November 1995.


He was the President of the State Company, established on the basis of design and industrial association "AzerTranspDorStroy" in 1993.


He was a deputy chief of construction management engaged in electrification of the railway between Cherkeskey and Kapikule cities in Turkey in 1991.


Since 1988 he worked as the Head of design and industrial association "AzerTranspDorStroy".


He worked as the Head of Building Department #23 since 1972 and then as a Senior Referent in the Council of Ministers of the ASSR and the Head of the AzerTransportStroy trust.


He graduated from Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute in 1962 and began his career in the main Construction Department of Baku city as a worker, a foreman, senior foreman, then as the Head of technical production and Deputy Chief Engineer.


Abid Hoja oglu Sharifov was born on January 6, 1940 in Sheki.