​Migrant camp in Europe: World through the barbed wire - PHOTOS

​Migrant camp in Europe: World through the barbed wire - PHOTOS Report News Agency presents a photo report from two refugee camps, located near the French town of Calais
March 9, 2016 12:36
​Migrant camp in Europe: World through the barbed wire - PHOTOS

Baku. 9 March. REPORT.AZ/ Since the beginning of the military conflict in Syria, which seems to have no end, flow of refugees from the country to Europe has been increasing. As a result of the European Union's migrant crisis, a series of natural camps for refugees arriving here in search of better lives have formed. Report presents photo report of two camps named Dunkirk and Jungle, located near the French town of Calais.

About 7,000 refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, Kosovo, Iran and Pakistan live there. And living conditions are often very different from European standards, people are forced to live in full insanitary conditions, in the mud and on the open air.

According to the Azerbaijani activist and human rights defender Fuad Alakbarov who lives in Scotland and visited Dunkirk and Jungle as a volunteer, the people there live in inhuman conditions. In addition, people experience post-traumatic stress because of the long journey to Europe and deaths that they were forced to see every step they made in their own country. The camp has also a lot of orphans who have lost their parents during the dangerous voyage on inflatable boats across the Mediterranean.

The refugees staying in these camps are trying to get into the UK and get asylum there, because the law in this country is softer compared to the French immigration policy. But this way is very difficult, as the camp is surrounded by the electrical barbed wire, and an attempt to get into the UK through the Eurotunnel often ends with the death of "the brave".

At present, French authorities have begun gradual demolition of the Jungle camp. Authorities are trying to get rid of the camp, but what will they do with people? Many of them do not want to go back to their home countries, which are in war. However, neither France nor Great Britain wants to see these migrants on their territories.

The photos were provided by Fuad Alakbarov.

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