Azerbaijani finalist of 'America's Got Talent': My ladder costs $ 20,000 - VIDEO - INTERVIEW

Azerbaijani finalist of 'America's Got Talent': My ladder costs $ 20,000 - VIDEO - INTERVIEW 'I fell during a show in America and had spent 3 days in coma'
June 22, 2017 11:53
Azerbaijani finalist of 'America's Got Talent': My ladder costs $ 20,000 - VIDEO - INTERVIEW

Baku. 22 June. REPORT.AZ/ Report News Agency presents interview with Uzeyer Novruzov, Azerbaijani circus performer, popular with performance with ladder at America's Got Talent show

- Where do you live?

- I live in Las Vegas, America. But I am always on long-term tours.

- What is your citizenship?

- I'm citizen of the US and Russia. Unfortunately, I have no Azerbaijani citizenship.

- Where were you born?

- I was born in Goycha district, in the west of Azerbaijan. I lived there until I was 10 years old. In 1987, before leaving for refugee, we moved to Krasnodar region. We lived there for a long time.

- Do you have a permanent job in America?

- Yes, I work at a show. I perform items myself.

- Are there other people in your family engaged in this kind of art?

- Yes, my brothers are also circus performers. Cause of our love to art was my father. He was a wrestler, also had a good singing voice. It was his desire that we deal with some kind of art. But not just with circus master, may be mugham singer or performer of any musical instrument. My brothers can play musical instruments. They are engaged in funny acrobatics and work in Europe. We cannot work together yet. Surely, we will act together in the future.

- What is your visit to Baku related?

- I will have a show during Formula 1. Azerbaijan has invited me. I was invited for 3 days, but my visit will last three weeks as I cannot often travel to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan is far away.

- Have you ever been on stage in Baku?

- I have never been on stage in Baku. My participation in Formula 1 will be my first show in my homeland. That was my dream, thank goodness, becomes true. Hopefully, it is not the last. Of course, I would also like to be on stage in my native land. I think that in the future I will come to Baku with new works.

- How long ago have you been in your homeland for the last time?

- When we were kids, my father and my mother often visited Azerbaijan. We weren't able to travel so often as we were studying. I have travelled once with my father and in 2000 when my father passed away. We buried him in Ganja. My mother did not come back after that, she has been living in Ganja for already 17 years.

Last time I was in my homeland in 2013. This is due to my busy schedule, there are many tours and Azerbaijan is too far away. My children are studying, they have opportunity only in summer, but my work is intense in summer.

- How did you participate in the "America's Got Talent"? What it has changed in your life?

- For me, this was a usual play. I would not believe it to be of interest. I've been engaged in this work for 20 years. I'm a circus performer in the region where I live, which is of high rivalry. For this reason, it is difficult to show your worth.

My goal in the competition was to appear on television and become popular. But it was more successful than I expected, I moved to the final. Almost half a year I've been with them. In one of the scenes closest to the finish, I was injured. But despite this, I took part in the final as program's audience called for me. It motivated me, I tried to perform in front of the audience despite my hand and leg injuries.

- Have you had a lot of injuries? How dangerous is your job?

- Yes, I had a lot of injuries. The worst hit was ten years ago. In America, I fell in the show and spent three days in coma. Both my wrists were broken. At that time, I did not have performances often. I was starting my activity. The height of the ladder I fell was about 4-4.5 meters.

- How many meters is your tallest ladder?

- The tallest ladder was up to 6 meters. I had a show for up to 8 minutes with the ladder.

- How did you choose a ladder as a show instrument?

- I didn't choose a ladder, I guess ladder chose me (laughs). I don't know whether it is talent or my fate. My balance with feet is strong, so I can work with ladder.

- What is your ladder made of, who and where prepares it? What is the cost if it is not a secret?

- I had lots of ladders. It was made of iron. It was very heavy and painful to touch. Then I began to use a ladder of aluminum. It blackens hands and often breaks. When I had some opportunity, I began to use of titanium. Titanium is expensive, but strong and lightweight. At the moment I use only titanium ladders. A titanium ladder costs $ 15,000-20,000.

- How many ladders do you have?

- Currently, I have 7 ladders. 2 of them are very tall, 3 of titanium, one extension ladder, the other of aluminum...

- What ladder have you brought to Baku to participate in the show?

- I brought titanium ladder, it is both extension ladder and lightweight.

- Is it difficult to take ladder while travelling?

- No, there is no any problem. We pack it as usual cargo, only stick on that is instrument and breakable.

- Have your ladder ever been broken?

- Of course, on the stage, there are such occasions during show. Titanium ladders break as glass. But I did not suffer such serious injuries.

- How much did you get the highest royalty for your work?

- It is a secret, I cannot say (laughs). But I can say that I started with very small amount of royalties. In general, price depends on work, its duration. But after this television program I was very popular, and this, of course, also affected the price of my work.

- How do you choose your stage dressing?

- They were sewn when I newly began my work. Now, I buy them. I choose clothes of the past centuries. Charlie Chaplin's dressing. Appropriate to my image.

- How did you choose Charlie Chaplin's image?

- I was studying in Moscow vocational school. When I was first-year student, I was on stage, one of famous clowns approached me after event and said that liked my performance very much. He said that I was like Charlie Chaplin. At that time, I did not heard about Charlie Chaplin. I thought about acrobatics and others, that person told me that I should be a clown. After this show, everyone said that I looked like Charlie Chaplin, and they have remembered me that way.

- Would you like to be filmed?

- I would like it very much.Thankfully, most of my desires became true. I hope this will happen, too. I have not thought a name yet. But my character is ready. I think it is possible to create something interesting with mix of the old and new. I have gone on a movie, but I cannot disclose it as it has not been completely produced yet.

- Do you read news about Azerbaijan?

- Of course. Following this show, friend request from all over the social networks have increased, everybody expresses proud. It makes me very proud and motivates. I try to respond personally to messages on all social networks.

- How many countries have you been to?

- Recently, I wanted to count them, but it was impossible. Generally speaking, I have been to four continents.

- What country will you travel after Formula 1?

- I will go back to my house, Las Vegas as I come with my family. There I work on the show, I have a 3 week vacation. There are lots of invitations, and I'm still negotiating where to go.

- Do you hold talks yourself?

- Yes, I'm doing all it myself.

- Are you married? How many children do you have? Is your spouse also engaged in arts?

- I have twin daughters. My wife is a Russian, she was a gymnast at the time. She is a housewife now and doesn't work after marriage, when our children were born.

- Which language do your family members speak?

- My spouse knows the Azerbaijani language and speaks Azerbaijani. My daughters know and understand Azerbaijani. My mother speaks with them in this language, but they express themselves in Russian.

Their first language is English. Because they were born in America, they are citizens of the US. When I need help with English, I call my daughters.

- Are your daughters interested in art and your profession?

- They love watching me. I did not direct them to this field, and I do not want them to work in this field either. This profession is difficult for women. My daughters are studying and they also play tennis. They also engaged in drawing.

- Do your daughters love Azerbaijan?

- Of course, they love Azerbaijan. At present, they are in Ganja together with my mother. There is a different culture here, they like it very much. They went uphill, nature and pets caused their interest.

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