Why and how US changed a news agenda?

Why and how US changed a news agenda?

US is trying to distract the world’s attention from disgraceful incidents happened in the Armenian streets

Baku. 25 June. REPORT.AZ/ The world’s attention has directed to the protests in the capital city of Armenia, Yerevan. Protests against rise in electricity prices in Baghramyan Avenue.

Thousands of Armenians have taken to the streets to protest against electricity rate hikes, marching on the presidential palace and staging all-night sit-ins around Baghramyan Avenue. The news about rally has been spreaded rapidly. Global attention for this rally is not only over violation to citizens by police, ( ). Although human rights violated sharply during rally, special cruelty applied to people by police, 237 persons were detained, several people injured but worldwide outlets have not stressed the incident. Some sites relate this incident with fight against Russia’s dominance and some sites relate this with entrance of US to the region and deterioration of social-economic conditions in Armenia. But any outlet has not mentioned sharp violation of human rights.
The State Department of US, European Union, European, the Council of Europe, western States and international western NGOs have not “seen” terrible human rights violation in Armenia. US is trying to distract the world’s attention from disgraceful incidents happened in the Armenian streets.
United States Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills has demonstrated his country’s Armenian sympathy by saying “"Security forces and protesters showed mutual comprehension” in his statement on June 23.By this statement the American ambassador delivered a message to American outlets how approach Armenian incidents and broadcast the news. Regardless, the news reported from which point all outlets presented this news in breaking news list. Euronews” ( ), BBC (, “Washington post” ( “Associated Press”, ”Reuters”, “France Press”, and other transnational information agencies, as well local outlets reported current Armenian news on this direction.

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Monitoring Committee adopts document “ Activity of democratic institutions in Azerbaijan” on Azerbaijan. Azadlig newspaper’s article titled “Heavy blow to the government by PACE” tried to distract main attention from reports disclosing Europe. Azadliq gave 16 persons report in its article. But Azadliq forgot to mention PACE’s ex rapporteur on Azerbaijan, Joseph Debon. ( ). If Joseph Debon's report entered to the report it would be clear for people that adopted document by PACE is preconceived. PACE'sprejudged approach to Azerbaijan was stressed not only by Samad Seyidov, Rafael Huseynov, Egemen Bagis but also by European deputies.

 Apparently, the 5th colon of US in Azerbaijan "Azadlig" attempts to divert main attention.

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