Russian State Duma deputy: Time has come to start project "North-South" - INTERVIEW

Russian State Duma deputy: Time has come to start project "North-South" - INTERVIEW

Roman Khudyakov: Friendly relations between the Presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan, are expensive

Moscow. 3 August. REPORT.AZ/ Report News Agency presents an interview with the Russian State Duma deputy from LDPR faction Roman Khudyakov. 

- Roman Ivanovich, you are quite often visiting Baku. How much are productive your meetings with your Azerbaijani colleagues?

- This year, I have twice been to Baku. In that year, for example, we have met with the President, Speaker of the Parliament. I would say that they were very fruitful meetings. Azerbaijan shows commitment in settlement a range of issues important to both countries. And most importantly, there is mutual understanding and respect. This is a nice bonus to the economic talks. Not every country can find a mutual understanding. When there is respect between members of parliament, then relations between the two countries have a future.

- In August, Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay a visit to Baku. This will be the third summit meeting of the current year. In your opinion, is it a measure of the relations between the two countries?

- Friendly relations between the Presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan, are expensive. They stem from the friendly relations between our peoples. Azerbaijan wants to be friend with Russia not only because it is a big and strong country, but because there are also economic benefits.

We are not like the Americans, who only watch over their own interests. Russia always offers a partnership built on principle of the benefit of all parties.

History shows that cooperation with the Americans, further fraught with the countries themselves. They offer attractive conditions, as soon as possible to earn a lot of money, but it is an utopia. For example, the transatlantic trade and investment partnership contract (TTIP), we see that the Americans are driving Europe into a trap. Russia also offers the conditions under which each of our partner receives an equal share.

- The meeting will be attended by the President of Iran. Is it possible in this format to solve the 20-year-old dispute over dividing the Caspian Sea?

- The issue of dividing the Caspian Sea shelf is a global matter facing today's agenda. Much will depend on the willingness of the Iranian side to compromise. We stand on the side of friendship and economic cooperation.

When Tehran was living in poor economic conditions, when halfway around the world were against them because of the sanctions imposed by the US, they have survived and remembered this moment. It is unlikely that this can be so quick to forgive. Now some US sanctions lifted, and tomorrow Iran will make a wrong political act in their view, and these sanctions will be imposed again. Tehran, of course, understands this and takes a wise policy. Better to lose something somewhere, but to find a reliable friend and a long-term partner. Therefore, I believe that Iran will make certain concessions. 

- It will also discuss issues regarding the transport corridor "North-South". How is realistic the realization of this project?

- I think, time has come to start this project. You can see that now there are some economic losses both of Russia and Azerbaijan. Therefore, in order to make up for the loss and find consensus, we of course, must to launch such projects. Enough talk - let's do it. It's also for our citizens to live better. This is a very good contract for Azerbaijan, as it consolidates its status as a transit country.

At this time, the sea  is the cheapest form of goods transportation. Russia has always sought and will seek access to the southern seas. Why Azerbaijan does not support its friend and neighbor in this endeavor, especially official Baku will receive from this good dividends.

- Almost simultaneously with the Baku meeting, visit of Turkish President Erdoğan to Russia is expected. Many analysts predict a strategic alliance Moscow-Ankara-Tehran. How realistic is it in your opinion?

- I think, such an alliance is possible. Russia acts as a guarantor of security in the world, including in our region. Our president has proven that we can come to the aid of any country, to stop the bloodshed and come out as a winner, continuing to provide all possible assistance to the country that it could realize itself politically and economically. Americans in the same situation are doing absolutely the opposite: they enjoy the moment, enter there, launder their money, receive dividends, their troops remain there to continue to impose their views and interests. Therefore, sensible politicians seek to cooperate with Russia.

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