Azerbaijani in Nepal: My departure from here would be wrong from a moral point of view - INTERVIEW

Azerbaijani in Nepal: My departure from here would be wrong from a moral point of view - INTERVIEW


In general, there are serious problems with food in Nepal

Baku. 1 May. REPORT. AZ / Interview of Report with citizen of Azerbaijan in Nepal, head of the UNICEF program for child protection Munir Mammadzade.

- You were in Nepal at the time, when there was a devastating earthquake. Where were you at that moment?

- During the earthquake, I was with my family at home, as it was Saturday we were at home. I was watching television with my wife in the room, our five-year child was in the next room. As soon as we felt the tremors, of course, we ran to our son, to protect him.We have encountered with this for the first time.

- How badly damaged house where you live?

- We live in a private house, and because iI am an employee of the United Nations, before taking the house for rent, its seismic resistance has been audited. As far as I know, earthquake-proof building can withstand a magnitude 8.0 quake. The walls were cracked, but other Azerbaijanis were living in multi-storey buildings.

Their homes have suffered more. Some buildings are in state of emergency. After the earthquake we contacted them and after half an hour, they gathered in the courtyard of our house. Because after the main earthquake aftershocks were felt, we 14 Azerbaijanis stayed in the yard.

- Were there any victims among our countrymen?

- No, my son hit his head against the wall, there was a slight bleeding.But there is nothing serious. After everything calmed down, he came to himself.

- What was the situation in the city? What you have seen on the streets?

- As you know, Nepal has 75 districts of which 33 suffered most affected 11 districts, including the capital, Kathmandu. Damages were relatively more in the capital.This can be seen from news reports. So if the earthquake killed 6 thousand persons 1,000 out of them were killed only in Kathmandu.

We saw the victims on the streets. But according to the beliefs of Nepalese people immediately cremated.On the one hand it is good, as it helps to prevent the spread of disease. But of course there are still many victims under the rubble. 

- What is the situation in the town at the moment? Do you see food shortages, shortages of water and electricity?

Life is slowly getting back on track, but do not panic Nepalese reacted to this disaster without panic.

Nobody used the situation to his advantage. Everyone tried to help each other. My job is also that we are working 24 hours a day. Tent installed for the population, and humanitarian aid arrives.Yesterday arrived humanitarian aid from Azerbaijan, I myself was involved in the transfer of care. However, at the airport, if I may say so, there is a chaos and confusion, because many countries send aid but workers are not enough and coordination is weak. Therefore, I myself led as a discharge aid and evacuation of citizens of Azerbaijan and Georgia.

As for electricity and water, we didn't have light for four days. Imagine what it was like, given that we were 6 children. But since I have solar panels at home, I have light in my house.We don't have problem with the water supply, as we stocked up water with the Azerbaijanis. So far, the problems of food and water is not, but it is unclear for how long this will be enough.

In general, the country also has serious problems with food.

In Nepal, more than 1 million 700 thousand children in need of immediate assistance. Millions of people have suffered the same, many of them remained in the street, with no food, no water and light.

- Are there any aftershocks?

- Yesterday there were two shocks. The most powerful of them - 4.2 points. Others are small bumps, and we do not attach importance to them. That night, there was another earthquake of about 6 points.

May God tremors not happen again.

- Are you going to return to Azerbaijan?

- Since I am a member of the United Nations, i.e. UNICEF, it is my duty to stay here and help.Most importantly, the Azerbaijani citizens and my family were evacuated. I am the only Azerbaijani in Nepal. But if the situation worsens, there will be an uncontrollable situation, then we will be evacuated by the United Nations. But again, it's my job.

Just as UNICEF helped our compatriots who have remained homeless as a result of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and now I am helping UNICEF. That's to say, my departure from here would be wrong both from morally any other point of view.

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