Tarlan Ahmadov: Neftchi must rise after winter - INTERVIEW

Tarlan Ahmadov: Neftchi must rise after winter - INTERVIEW Some may count Neftchi - Gabala duel early final?
December 18, 2017 17:58

Baku. 18 December. REPORT.AZ/ Report News Agency presents an interview with head coach of Neftchi football team Tarlan Ahmadov.

- Neftchi has advanced to the semifinals in the Azerbaijani Cup and is in the 5th place in the Premier League. How do you evaluate the rest of the season?

- It can be considered satisfactory. We have risen to the semifinals in the cup. But in general, "Neftchi" should be in worthy place, not in fifth. Defeats at the beginning of the season unwittingly pulling team back. We tried to raise Neftchi as much as we could in last matches.

- You will meet Gabala in the semifinals of the Azerbaijani Cup. Considering that the final winner of the tournament Qarabag stopped competing, can it be considered as the final duel?

- We have a lot to do. I said that the team will score as many points as they it can until the winter. "Neftchi" must rise after the winter. I do not think about winning first, second or third place. We just want to increase our potential and improve our team for next season. Taking into account the transfer that I will make in the winter, everyone wants a result from the team. This is also understandable. After successive victories, everyone believes there will be a better result. However, the mistakes made in the beginning made itself felt. Regarding semifinal with Gabala, we consider the results of this team in recent years. So they think that it is a game that is equal to the finals. However, if Sumgayit defeated "Qarabag", that means they have said their word. There are also changes in "Keshla".

- They bring a new head coach. Competitors are getting stronger. No team can be deleted from the list. Some can consider "Neftchi" - "Gabala" duel as an early ending. But the final has its own time. First, let's raise to the finals and look after them. Who are the players that will leave the team today?

- Two local players - Tarzin Jahangirov and Maqsad Isayev. Fahmin Muradbeyli and Rahil Mammadov will be rented. Division clubs want our reserve goalkeeper Maksim Vaylo. There are also 3 foreign players to be sent.

Pavel Dreksa’s lease term expired. In addition Mateo Mužek and Daniel Segovia will go. It is better to play elsewhere rather than being in reserve for a long time. I also talked to them because they did not fit my football policy. I told the management that all of these players should leave.

- How many players do you intend to attract to the squad in the winter break?

- We are negotiating with Ilkin Qirtimov. His transfer will be officially scheduled for January 5-6. There are no other local players. They all have a contract. We want to take three foreign players. Searching in this direction is going on.

- You said that new players will be stronger than those currently in the squad. For example, what are the advantages of Qirtimov?

- Let's not talk about who is superiorities. It is to humiliate ones and uplift others. I rely on Qirtimov's courage, heroism, attitudes and professionalism. From this point of view, I would like to see him in my team.

- But some "Neftchi" fans are against his transfer…

- Everyone has their own opinion. There will also be protesters, those who love and criticize. This is one of the best aspects of our job. I respect all of them. I set my business in line with my own opinion.

- Names of goalkeeper of Gabala Agil Mammadov and his halfback Elvin Mammadov, Qarabag player Rahid Amirguliyev rehearsed in parallel with Neftchi. Also, there is Rauf Aliyev, who wants to leave Albanian Kukesi ...

- Rauf Aliyev has not been on my agenda. Yes, we were interested in Elvin and Rahid but their clubs did not allow them to go. Perhaps, I would like to take Rauf while working with AZAL. But he is currently living legionary life. I'm glad of it. I relate the same words to Araz Abdullayev. Why should I return them to my team when they normally play there? The other players we were interested are already have contracts. That's why local players have a "stop".

- What countries are foreigners come from?

- It is unclear from where they are. There are many names in the list. We are trying to choose the best ones. We are looking forward those who would reinforce team’s game and help leaders to play better.

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