Qarabag’s chief manager: ID required to prevent sale of fake tickets INTERVIEW

Qarabag’s chief manager: ID required to prevent sale of fake tickets INTERVIEW “We kindly ask fans to come to the stadium two hours before the match starts”
September 7, 2017 15:47
Qarabag’s chief manager: ID required to prevent sale of fake tickets  INTERVIEW

Baku. 7 September. REPORT.AZ/ Report presents an interview of Qarabag F.C. chief manager Asif Asgarov regarding the tickets sale for the home matches of the Champions League and organizational issues…

-How will the tickets sale be organized for the second round match of the group stage of the Champions League between Qarabag and Italy’s Roma FCs to be held at the Baku Olympic Stadium on September 27?

- Starting from today, the tickets will be sold online via the website, as well as in a total of 18 sale points of Baku and Sumgait. Everybody will be able to purchase a ticket by presenting their ID. The person’s name and surname will be written on the ticket. This step has been taken to prevent the “black market” and comfortable entrance of fans to the stadium. To allow more people to watch the matches of the clubs playing at the TOP 5 Championships, we have replaced Tofig Bahramov Republican Stadium with the Baku Olympic Stadium.

- The fact that each fan should enter the stadium with an ID, and only one ticket may be sold to everyone has not been perceived one-sidedly…

- Earlier, people said that online tickets were not available; we have organized it. Earlier, it was said that 2-3 tickets were sold to one seat. An ID is required to prevent all these. One person may purchase the same number of tickets as the number of IDs presented by him. It is also possible to visit the website and purchase an online ticket.

- In the previous matches, people with fake tickets were able to sit in the tribune due to the fact that the hologram was not checked. It led to chaos and arguments. Will any measures be taken in this regard?

- Yes, there will be the barcode system, and only one person will be able to enter the stadium with one ticket. Moreover, the system will not recognize fake tickets. In this regard, we cooperate with the police. Measures will be taken in connection with the holders of fake tickets.

- As we understand, the system used at the Inaugural European Games and the fourth Islamic Solidarity Games will be implemented…

- It is inappropriate for me to say anything about security. However, we will do our best for the organization of the match and ensuring the comfort of our fans. Our door is open to all fans.

- What would you recommend fans? For instance, how many hours earlier should they come to the stadium?

- First of all, thank you for raising this issue. I ask all media outlets to help us on this issue. This is a very important issue for informing fans. In Azerbaijan, people come to a match 10 minutes or half an hour before it starts. In this case, a jam occurs. We are planning to open the gates 3 hours earlier. We kindly ask fans to come to the stadium 2 hours before the match begins. The earlier they come, the better for them. We should not leave everything to the last moment. In this way, we would be able to prevent any misunderstanding.

- Baku Olympic Stadium is two times bigger than Tofig Bahramov Republican Stadium where you hold your home matches. Even if 40-50 thousand people come to the match, there will be empty seats in the tribunes, and it will not be perceived unequivocally. What kind of measures are you going to take to fill the stadium?

- We are confident that a great number of people will come to the stadium. Our people love Qarabag and want to support it during matches with big clubs. When we received our rivals at Tofig bahramov Republican Stadium, there was a huge demand. People asked: “The stadium is small; why do you play here?” Therefore, we have moved to the Baku Olympic Stadium to allow all interested people to come. I cannot say anything in case the stadium is not full. Nevertheless, we expect the stadium to be full. The number of Qarabag lovers is enough to make the stadium full.

- What kind of works are you planning to carry out in terms of promotion?

- Let us not reveal them now, but we will carry out works in regard to this.

- Have any entertainment programs been designed for fans?

- In accordance with the Champions League procedure, the 8 main sponsors of UEFA may realize such programs around the stadium, not the host. Presently, all our attention is focused on the match we will play against England’s Chelsea on September 12. However, we are also engaged in the organizations issues at the Baku Olympic Stadium.

- Speaking of the organizational works, how is the preparation process of the stadium’s grass cover for the home matches is going?

- Currently, specialists are engaged in the restoration of the grass. They have informed us that the grass cover of the stadium will be in an ideal state before the home match with Roma on September 27. We have involved English specialist Phil Sharpless who is in charge of the grass cover of Tofig Bahramov Republican Stadium in the process. Do not approach the issue only from the perspective of Qarabag’s match. This means the representation of our state, Azerbaijan in Europe. Qarabag is one of the 32 clubs playing at the Champions League. The word “Azerbaijan” is written near the club’s title. Therefore, AFFA, the Ministry of Youth and Sport, as well as other institutions, are ready to provide assistance to us and support us. 

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