Khagani Mammadov: Aliyar Aghayev is a referee of future - INTERVIEW

Khagani Mammadov: Aliyar Aghayev is a referee of future - INTERVIEW Chairman of AFFA Referees Committee: Some countries have no even one referee
October 27, 2016 10:08
Khagani Mammadov: Aliyar Aghayev is a referee of future - INTERVIEW

Baku. 26 October.REPORT.AZ/ Report News Agency presents an interview with Khagani Mammadov, Chairman of AFFA Referees Committee:

- Which of current referees is a chef-d'oeuvre of Khagani Mammadov?

- Not only I say this, it has been recognized by the country's football community. My answer is Aliyar Aghayev. Others are also very good in refereeing. Rahim Hasanov, Orkhan Mammadov, Rauf Jabbarov, Omar Pashayev and others are very good referees. Our aim is Aghayev's inclusion in the UEFA first category by the year-end to promote other referees, too. I think that if our one referee is among referees of five former Soviet Union countries, this is our success. Excluding Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Azerbaijan, none of former USSR countries has a referee managing the Europa League group stage match. A while ago, people said that Azerbaijani referee cannot be appointed at the Europa League group stage. However, an appointment was made a few days later. We also cannot disclose everything. UEFA sends it confidentially, so we aren't allowed to disclose it until the last moment. I'd like to tell one special information: Aghayev was appointed to a match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification on November 13. But I cannot name the match as it is kept secret.

- How do successes and praises effect on Aliyar Aghayev?

- He doesn't boastful with this. If so, I wouldn't praised him. I have criticized him tete-a-tete until appointment to the Europa League group matches. He accepted it normal and listened to the reprimands. Some referees show negligence. But Aliyar is not so. Now the time has come to praise. I am sure that he will not be boastfulfor the sake ofreputation. We acted as referees together with father Karim Agayev for a long time. We together managed all international matches.

- Which of current referees is today's or tomorrow's Khagani Mammadov?

- Aliyar Aghayev. He is not only tomorrow's Khagani Mammadov, but also better, great referee than me.

- A while ago, you said that inclusion made in the new list of FIFA referees. Who are they?

- We have submitted Omar Pashayev's name as a referee, also, Akif Amirli and Knyaz Amiraslanov as assistant referees. However, we do not know who will be approved. May be all of them to be assigned or not assigned. This is an issue within powers of the FIFA Referees Committee.

- A yellow card to Rome FC living legend Francesco Totti by Aghayev at Astra match of the Europa League qualification caused great interest in Azerbaijan. Was you watching that match?

- Of course. After watching live, I watched the replay. This may be of interest only. I rejoiced, he showed the card, however, the player was Totti. You are proud due to his determination as the rules require it. Otherwise, claims may be put forward. Aliyar was carrying out his task within the rules.

- International appointments of AliyarAghayev are gratifying. But other FIFA referees Orkhan Mammadov and Rahim Hasanov are not appointed. What is the reason?

- It is also interesting for us. Because they gained 8.4 points for each match they managed. This is a very high figure. In fact, we want to send an inquiry to UEFA to get reason. Then we find comfort consolation that UEFA, usually, promotes one referee from countries such as Azerbaijan. Some countries have no even one referee. It will be better, if Aliyar includes in first category and elite category in the future. Assistants of Turkish referee Cüneyt Çakır, now, manage the Europa League matches separately. It is also a success. Aliyar's success will also continue, if included in the same category. 

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