​24 Azerbaijani sportsmen join the Games today - LIST

Today competitions on swimming, badminton, boxing and fencing will be held

Baku. 23 June. REPORT.AZ/ 24 Azerbaijani sportsmen will join the Games today.

Report informs, today competitions on swimming, badminton, boxing and fencing, basketball and volleyball will be held


19:55 Men's Group D

Azerbaijan - Czech Republic

21:35 Men's Group D

Switzerland - Azerbaijan

17:10 Women's Group A

Switzerland - Azerbaijan


Kenan Rzayev

09:40 * Men's singles Group B

Samuel Cali (Malta) - Kenan Rzayev (Azerbaijan)

20:00 Men's Doubles Group B *

Orhan Galandarov | Kenan Rzayev (Azerbaijan) - Mittelheisser G. | Kersaudy B (France)


Albert Salimov

* 14:00 Men's Light Weight (60kq) 1/4 Final

Albert Salimov (Azerbaijan) - Elian Dimitrov (Bulgaria)

Collazo Sotomayor

20:15 * The first half-middle weight among men (64kq) 1/4 Final

Daniel Niculescu (Romania) - Collazo Sotomayor (Azerbaijan)

Parviz Bagirov

21:15 * Men's Half-middle weight (69kq) 1/4 Final

Baraou Abass (Germany) - Parviz Bagirov (Azerbaijan)

Abdulkadir Abdullayev

* 21:30 Men's Heavy Weight (91 kg) 1/4 Final

Abdulkadir Abdullayev (Azerbaijan) - Hip Biongolo Paul (France)

Anna Alimardanova

12:45 * Women's Semi-light weight (51 - 54kg) 1/4 Final

Stanimira Petrova (Bulgaria) - Anna Alimardanova (Azerbaijan)

Elena Vystropova

19:15 * First Half-average weight among women (60 - 64kg) 1/4 Final

Ryan Sandy (UK) - Yelena Vystropova (Azerbaijan)


Azer Taghiyev

11:50 * Men's individual Sabre Group A

Azer Taghiyev (Azerbaijan) - Fernando Casares (Spain)

Tsouroutas Georges (Greece) - Azer Tagiyev (Azerbaijan)

Dolniceanu Tiberiu (Romania) - Azer Tagiyev (Azerbaijan)

Azer Tagiyev (Azerbaijan) - Ant Ibrahim (Turkey)

James Honeybone (the UK) - Azer Tagiyev (Azerbaijan)

Abdulla Hasanov

11:50 * Men's individual Sabre Group D

Abdulla Hasanov (Azerbaijan) - Adam Skrodzki (Poland)

Massimiliano Murolo (Italy) - Abdulla Hasanov (Azerbaijan)

* Men's individual race in 12:50 Sabla Group D

Abdulla Hasanov (Azerbaijan) - Alin Badea (Romania)

Gemesi Bence (Hungary) - Abdulla Hasanov (Azerbaijan)

Bjoern Huebner (Germany) - Abdulla Hasanov (Azerbaijan)

Javanshir Safarov

11:50 * Men's individual Sabre Group E

Javanshir Safarov (Azerbaijan) - Kindler Maximilian (Germany)

Trushakov Alexander (Russia) - Javanshir Safarov (Azerbaijan)

Miracco Luigi (Italy) - Javanshir Safarov (Azerbaijan)

Buikevich Aliaksandr (Belarus) - Javanshir Safarov (Azerbaijan)

Bence Csaba Marton (Hungary) - Javanshir Safarov (Azerbaijan)

Javanshir Agakishiyev

11:50 * Men's individual Sabre Group F

Javanshir Agakishiyev (Azerbaijan) - Willau Matthias (Austria)

Huebers Richard (Germany) - Javanshir Agakishiyev (Azerbaijan)

Nikita Proskura (Russia) - Javanshir Agakishiyev (Azerbaijan)

Javanshir Agakishiyev (Azerbaijan) - Atanas Arnaudov (Bulgaria)

Alberto Pellegrini (Italy) - Javanshir Agakishiyev (Azerbaijan)

Elmira Khudaverdiyeva

09:00* Women's individual Epee Group A

Elmira Khudaverdiyeva (AZERBAIJAN) - Nelip Ewa (Poland)

Ana Maria Branza (Romania) - Elmira Khudaverdiyeva (Azerbaijan)

Bukocki Bianka (Hungary) - Elmira Khudaverdiyeva (Azerbaijan)

Ciparova Dagmar (Slovakia) - Elmira Khudaverdiyeva (Azerbaijan)

Emma Samuelsson (Sweden) - Elmira Khudaverdiyeva (Azerbaijan)

Samira Huseynova

* 09:00* Women's individual Epee Group B

Kirpu Erika (Estonia) - Samira Huseynova (Azerbaijan)

Caran Romana (Slovakia) - Samira Huseynova (Azerbaijan)

Samira Huseynova (Azerbaijan) - Kochneva Olga (Russia)

Reka Bohus (Hungary) - Samira Huseynova (Azerbaijan)

Maryam Malikova

09:00* Women's individual Epee Group C

Yana Shemyakina (Ukraine) - Maryam Malikova (Azerbaijan) Startlist

Tatyana Andryushina (Russia) - Maryam Malikova (Azerbaijan)

Maryam Malikova (Azerbaijan) - Tătăran Amalia (Romania)

Lehis Katrina (Estonia) - Maryam Malikova (Azerbaijan)

Nubar Malikova

09:00* Women's individual Epee Group E

Simona Gherman (Romania) - Nubar Malikova (Azerbaijan)

Yana Zvereva (Russia) - Nubar Malikova (Azerbaijan)

Nubar Malikova (Azerbaijan) - Rizzi Giulia (Italy)

Marinuk Avital (Israel) - Nubar Malikova (Azerbaijan)


Kamran Jafarov (Azerbaijan)

09:38 Men's 50m butterfly preliminary games

Ayhan Murat (Azerbaijan)

09:38 Men's 50m butterfly preliminary games

Ivan Andrianov (Azerbaijan)

09:38 Men's 50m butterfly preliminary games

Anton Jeltyakov (Azerbaijan)

11:20 Men's 200m breaststroke heats preliminary games

Grigory Kalminski (Azerbaijan)

10:46 Men's 100m backstroke heats preliminary games

Anna Manchenkova (Azerbaijan)

09:51 Women's 100m freestyle preliminary games

Alsu Bayramova (Azerbaijan)

10:34 Women's 200m butterfly preliminary games

Yuliya Stisyuk (Azerbaijan)

11:35 Women's 200m backstroke preliminary games


11:51 Men's 4x100m freestyle preliminary ball games



19:00 Women's 1/4 Final

Azerbaijan - Netherlands

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