Turkish expert: "TANAP is a geopolitically significant project"

Turkish expert: "TANAP is a geopolitically significant project"
June 30, 2020 15:33
Turkish expert: TANAP is a geopolitically significant project

The Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP), which was designed to transport Azerbaijani gas to Turkey and then to Europe, has been delivering gas to Turkey for two years. According to the Energy Ministry of Azerbaijan, TANAP carried 1.6 billion cubic meters of gas to Turkey in January-May. From the launch date to June 1, the transportation via TANAP made up 5.47 billion cubic meters. TANAP's Director-General said in mid-June that the volume of gas transported via TANAP would reach 6 billion cubic meters. The pipeline, which is part of the Southern Gas Corridor, originates from the Turkey-Georgia border and will connect to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) in the Ipsala district of Edirne city.

Nusret Comert, the Chairman of the Board and the Principle Shareholder of Damnus Energy & Investment Inc., told Report that TANAP would deliver 6 billion cubic meters of gas to Turkey, 10 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe. Although 10 billion cubic meters of gas is not such a high volume for Europe's gas consumption, it is geopolitically significant.

"Europe is an important energy market in the world while Central Asia, Middle East, and the Eastern Mediterranean are important energy resources. Turkey is positioned as an energy bridge and potential energy trading hub between this market and energy sources. Europe has been meeting its gas demand from local producers, Russia, Norway, Algeria, Turkey-Greece interconnection, and LNG. Europe wants to diversify sources of gas and routes to enhance its energy security and create gas-to-gas competition. TANAP, which will help this ambition, has been transporting gas to Turkey for two years. I congratulate those who implement this project," he said.

The expert noted that reaching the European market via this pipeline is significant for Azerbaijan to turn into a European gas player: "It creates interdependence among the source, transit, and market, which is essential in the energy equation. The pandemic has reduced demand. Many LNG cargoes from the US and other countries have been canceled. Underground gas storages are full, Europe filled in its gas storages in Ukraine. These circumstances prove the importance of such infrastructure projects and long-term contracts."

He also noted that TANAP, together with STAR Refinery and Petkim Petrochemical Complex in Turkey, is a significant investment of Azerbaijan and a major contributor to the regional economy.