Reasons of unstable weather in Azerbaijan unveiled

Reasons of unstable weather in Azerbaijan unveiled Climatologist: 'Tomorrow weather will stabilize in Azerbaijan'
July 12, 2016 17:17
Reasons of unstable weather in Azerbaijan unveiled

Baku. 12 July.REPORT.AZ/ 'Mild maritime air masses have entered Azerbaijan for three days. These air masses will dominate in our country maximum during 3-4 days. Then it will be replaced with hot air masses'.

Report was told by the Researcher of the Climate and Agroclimatology Department of the Institute of Geography of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Climate and Geography PhD, Climatologist Maharram Hasanov.

He says, tomorrow the weather will stabilize: 'Compared to the previous days, strong wind during last 3-4 days, temperature drop of 4-5 degrees is related with mild maritime air masses entered to Azerbaijan. It is not common case for July'.

According to the expert, rain is expected in Baku on July 12 evening: 'Rain is predicted in the regions, too. Then wind speed will weaken. From July 13, the temperature will be stabilized to the same degree for summer season'.

He recalled that heavy rain, lightning, thunder storm is expected case in mountainous areas at the beginning of summer.

M.Hasanov noted that in the second half of July, the temperature will fluctuate at 38-41 degrees: 'So, on some days 41 degrees of heat expected at noon. This is not average daily temperature and refers to certain period of a day.'

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