1121 foreigners expelled from Azerbaijan in 2016

1121 foreigners expelled from Azerbaijan in 2016 1667 people violated the country laws
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February 16, 2017 10:57
1121 foreigners expelled from Azerbaijan in 2016

Baku. 16 February.REPORT.AZ/ In January, the State Migration Service (SMS) has revealed residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan of 1667 foreigners as well as violation of administrative legislation regarding temporary and permanent residence.

Report informs citing press service of the SMS, temporary or permanent residence permits of 17 foreigners were replaced with new ones due to being lost, residence of 204 people in the territory of the country legalized, as well as decisions adopted on leaving 1121 foreigners the country within 48 hours and administrative expulsion of 325 foreign nationals.

During the month, the service has received 6902 applications by foreigners and stateless persons on extension of period of temporary residence in the country, granting temporary and permanent residence permits, granting citizenship, termination, restoration as well as determining nationality and refugee status, issuance of work permits for carrying out labor activity and extension of period of the existing ones. In last month, 49107 applications recorded on registration of place of residence. 

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