Pascale Hajibeyli-Buchet: "Jeyhun Bey lived a difficult emigrant life" - EXCLUSIVE

Pascale Hajibeyli-Buchet: "Jeyhun Bey lived a difficult emigrant life" - EXCLUSIVE
New facts about Jeyhun Hajibeyli and his family firstly in Azerbaijani press
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Paris. 20 November. REPORT.AZ/ Jeyhun Hajibeyli’s daughter-in-law, Timuchin Hajibeyli’s wife, Pascale Hajibeyli Buchet disclosed secret moments of the life of her husband and father-in-law in emigration to Western European Bureau of Report News Agency.

His wife said that Timuchin Hajibeyli was an extraordinary Frenchman: "At first acquaintance, Timuchin gave a French impression because he spoke French as a native language and was closely acquainted with the French culture. In a word, he was French. Timuchin was an extraordinary Frenchman. He had a great world outlook, and he loved French literature, art, music, cinema and theater. He graduated from the Sculpture Faculty of the French Academy of Art in Paris and he was a student of world-renowned French sculptor Bouchard. At the same time he took classes from great philosopher Jean-Sartre when he studied at the Pasteur High School in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Later, they became friends. Today, I keep Sartre’s letter that he wrote about Timuchin. This well-known philosopher of France loved and respected Timuchin very much. He described Timuchin's peculiarities in the letter."

Pascale Hajibeyli said that her husband was a man of a good nature and pure heart: "When Timuchin died, I received numerous letters from his friends saying that he was an exceptional person. There are high-ranking officials among the senders. Timuchin had a consulting company in the field of industry organization and he managed to establish cooperation with major French companies. Timuchin was highly valued by both businessmen and friends. He preserved his childhood friends. In contrast to the French, who usually love to talk behind other's backs, Timuchin did not say a single bad word about anyone, and did not waste his time criticizing others. If he hated someone, he would never conceal it, but would never backbite about this person. Though we had a 30 years’ age difference, Timuchin won my love for his sincere heart. He had a great sense of humor. He was not like French who grumbled in daily life. It seems to me that Timuchin successfully combined the wonderful aspects of the French with the unusual temperament of the Azerbaijanis, the easterners. He did not measure people by their diploma, financial status, or position in society like French people do. He praised people for their character. Timuchin was a man with a pure heart. Though at first I thought he was French, when we became closer I understood that he had the characteristics of his ancestors and roots as he became familiar to me. He had more potential than the French do. I think that it is a sign of wealth to combine two and sometimes three cultures."

Pascale Hajibeyli said that her husband's family lived a difficult emigrant life: "Timuchin's family had no contacts with Azerbaijan until 1962. It disappointed  Jeyhun Bey greatly. He was too attached to his brother Uzeyir. However because of the Soviet regime in Azerbaijan, the two brothers could not communicate with each other. Timuchin's elder brother, Jeyhun died in the battles near the Puatière (France) in World War Second. It was a great sorrow for Jeyhun Bey, who had already been separated from his homeland and his relatives. The loss of the child cannot be painless for any parent. This grief is harder for the people who live in emigration. Their life in emigration made the members of this family closer to each other. It was a great loss for my husband. The two brothers were always very close, because they had a very small age gap with his elder brother, who bore their father’s name. Timuchin first lost his brother and then his mother and father. My husband lost some of his close friends during the World War Second. He lost many people whom he loved. Sometimes people do not imagine how difficult it is to live an emigrant life. People fall apart from their roots. It was especially difficult for Timuchin, as he lost all of his family members."

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