Pierre Richard: I love Russia and Baku

Pierre Richard: I love Russia and Baku "I always feel very well with the people I meet here"
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February 4, 2016 10:07
Pierre Richard: I love Russia and Baku

Baku. 4 February. REPORT.AZ/ "I love Russia and Baku". 

Report informs citing the 'Vestnik Kavkaza', famous French actor Pierre Richard spoke about the love he feels for Russia and Baku in a conversation with a correspondent.

"When people ask me about my impressions of the country, my thoughts always go back to the people that I met there. I always feel very well with the people I meet here. And it always amuses me, and sometimes turns into a bit of a bad situation, when my friend leaves the plane and goes, like all simple people, sits in the bus, passes through customs, gets his luggage, and people say to me: "No, sir, come with us, the car is only for you, now we'll take you, we will help you!" The result: my friend leaves 30 minutes before me, and I am sitting and waiting. I love it. I have great privileges, but I'm always later than everyone. People are already in hotel, and I am still waiting for my luggage. I love Russians very much. A friend of mine always said that in Russia, even the past cannot be predicted. I love this country," he admitted.

The actor also noted he also feels reciprocal love from Russians, which often takes quite unusual forms. "You cannot even imagine how many Russians came to visit me, to the office. I was offered some incredible things – to open a chain of restaurants, create a brand of vodka with my name. They give me credit for a lot of things, to be honest, but only give credit. If they gave me these things, I would certainly not mind, but I have never had a chain of restaurants or vodka with my name," Richard said.

At the same time, he stressed that he does not share the position of those Europeans, including his countrymen, who actively criticize Russia and its policy. "This is not my country, I can't take any position here. I just take the position of an actor. I come to the Russian public that loves me very much. I hope Russians love me, that they laugh at my jokes, that they feel the same way as I do. I hope that they care about my performances. But in no case will I ever judge, I do not have such a right, especially in a country of which I am not a citizen. I cannot go and meet with some politicians or special politicized journalists. I meet with the public, with the audience. My job is to be an actor," he explained.

The star of French and world cinema also shared memories of his visit to Baku, which took place many years ago and made a lasting impression on him. "My most vivid impression of Baku, which I visited 20 years ago, was that it was still possible to buy caviar there. The man who was selling caviar just threw it in my bag as if it was cheap pate. I was absolutely amazed, knowing that in Paris, a tiny jar of caviar is worth a fortune, and my wife was eating caviar with tablespoons," Pierre Richard admitted.