UK election: Theresa May scored goal into her own net - OPINION

UK election: Theresa May scored goal into her own net - OPINION Expert: Great Britain enters a period of uncertainty
June 9, 2017 15:38
UK election: Theresa May scored goal into her own net - OPINION

Baku. 9 June. REPORT.AZ/ The results of the early elections show that the UK is entering a period of uncertainty.

Report informs, Russian political analyst Pavel Klachkov said, commenting on the results of parliamentary elections in Britain.

"I do not agree with the statements that British Prime Minister Teresa May suffered a catastrophic fiasco. It seems to me that there was no catastrophe for her. All the same, the party (conservatives - ed.) has sufficient authority, has won many votes, "P. Klachkov said. According to him, it is another matter that the party did not succeed in what she had planned. "The party planned to strengthen its positions in order to advance on the EU boldly, clearly, rigidly. In the words of one footballer that became a popular joke, "Theresa May scored a goal into her own net," he said.

According to the expert, the results of these elections will be that the UK will enter a period of uncertainty.

Speaking about the reasons for the partial loss of conservatives at the elections, the expert stressed that there are several reasons for this, including the not very successful campaign of Teresa May.

"Because of her position on social expenses, the Conservatives were called " heartless. "And Jeremy Corbyn (the Leader of the Labour Party - ed.) took advantage of this and “beaten”. He came forward on the basis of this criticism, "- added P. Klachkov.

The expert also believes that the recent terrorist attacks in the UK - in Manchester and London - also affected the results of the May’s party, since it was in favor of reducing the number of policemen."That is, the security problem also affected the outcome of the elections," P. Klachkov said.

Speaking about the impact of the early elections on Brexit, the political analyst stressed that against the background of the decrease in the influence of the conservatives, a "soft divorce" is possible with the EU, the question is, in what ways and at what rates.

"This kind of maneuvering in foreign policy will create a certain chaos that could affect the economy, which is not very beneficial for British companies and businessmen”, - he concluded.

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